Begin with Letter A

When all else fails in your life or my life, maybe a little reinventing can help. It certainly does not hurt. Both men and women have had to reinvent themselves at one time or another. I guess it’s human nature to try something different sometime. In my world, when things go awry, I start with letter A and begin some reinventing.

It can be anything I choose it to be too.  I have reinvented myself so many times that I have already gone through the alphabet numerous times.  I think I am now on AAAA.  When it fails, try, try and try again, right? Right. That is exactly what I do.  I have changed my hair color from blonde to brunette too many times.  I believe that I helped my hairdresser complete her backyard deck haha! For this moment I am my natural brunette and hope to stay that way for as long as I possibly can.

Then there is the mindset of exercise.  I like to start small and work my way up.  My starting small means taking a simple walk for about an hour a day.  I do not take music or talk to anyone during that hour.  It is my “Clear the cobwebs out of my mind walk” and every time I do the walk I feel a bit better.  My endorphins feel lighter, yet my legs feel like jelly.  Oh but they are happy jelly.  Working out the muscles in my legs is a beautiful thing.

Having a variety of issues dominating your life can be so daunting and exhausting that it is no wonder that so many people, including myself, get so overwhelmed. I have been television binge watching lately. What have I been watching, period drama shows like Downton Abbey and Poldark.  I feel lost inside the world before the inventions of today took over everyday lives. That to me in a different kind of reinventing.  Although I am envious of the simplicity of yesteryear, I am also grateful of many things of today.

Today I am starting with my letter A and that A is for Apple.  I say apple for the sake of starting to eat healthy again.  More natural fruits and vegetables for me to accompany my walks.  Now that is a positive way to start.  The rest of the letters of the alphabet and my many ideas will come together.  Maybe not today, but soon.

I believe that reinvention is not a snap and done scenario. I believe it is something conducted one day at a time and let it grow. We have all experienced reinventing ourselves at one time or another.  What was your turning point? It may spark an idea.

Never be afraid to reinvent yourself, for I call it evolution.


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