Letting it Go…

Not everybody is who they seem. Painted faces, special clothing, bling, etc…can make anyone whatever they want to be. The same can be said about a person’s character and personality. Those falsehoods are even worse to accept. How can someone say “I love you ” while as that same instant stab you in the back and heart? Those are some of the infinite mysteries in life that we may never find an answer to. I have learned, the hard way, about letting it go.

Everyone has the experience of learning the hard way on who is true blue and who is not. Somehow we cannot escape that. The only thing that I have been able to do is to try new methods of handling it. Besides, it is truly not my business how someone else behaves or says. He or she must be responsible for their own actions, whether verbal or not.

What do they say? Ten percent action and ninety percent reaction! That’s a powerful statement which I agree with wholeheartedly. I had the bulb go off later than I wanted, but better late than never. 

Finally accepting people for who they truly are is and has been vital to my emotional well being. I took too many comments and actions to heart when I should not have. It’s not about me, but about them. 

I cannot be angry or hurt when a former friend decides to exclude me from her life. After my hurt subsided I realized that we were just chapters in each other’s lives. We want different things and I did refuse to change into someone I’m not. She did not like that she didn’t get her way. I felt miserable for a while and missed her company. I did my best to help her emotionally, financially, psychologically, etc… After a bit of time I forgave myself for being too emotionally attached. Yes I am human after all.

Whether it’s a former friend, my unfortunate situations at work (that’s another article) or simply life’s choices, I cannot hold on to the other side. It just feeds my anxiety and sensitivity. I don’t want that. I enjoy smiling. I enjoy laughing.

I will always believe that laughter is the best medicine. Don’t you think so?

That’s why I’m showing you me in front of my happy place, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. I gained perspective there. I realized what’s important and what is trivial.

It helped me to just let go!


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