Get a Hobby with bonding bonus 

Sometimes just staring at the wall and trying to watch paint dry is mind boggling. I have seen too many people at work and home do that so many times that I ponder the point of it all. If someone is not playing on their gadgets then they stare off into space, daydreaming of a different outcome to their lives. I just can’t believe that some people do that. I am guilty of doing that when I feel down in the dumps, but it’s not a new career in the making. So I took out my trusty little notebook and started jotting down things that interest me. I had to get back into the land of the living and get a hobby. I did just that and received a bonus too…nephew bonding. What a treat! I felt reinvigorated.

This picture is my nephew’s painting. He was whimsical and just painted away. He likes using acrylic paint since it dries quickly. I, on the other hand, stuck with pencil sketching. I filled in my one inch box grids for proportions and slowly started my drawing. I am a lot slower than my nephew. I try to make it perfect but I am also trying to not put pressure on myself and just enjoy the process. 

It’s quite lethargic for me to get back into sketching. I am quite rusty at it, but excited to be doing something therapeutic and creative. It’s quite fun.

Whatever hobbies you enjoy doing, I hope you have a chance to do it. Every time I do just a little I feel ten feet tall that I’ve accomplished something.

I recommend it highly!

What would you choose to do? I’d love to know. It may spark an ideal 😀

Have an awesome evening and just have fun!!!!


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