Growing Up

We all have stories that teach us something, whether bad or good. It’s our choice which path to take. Choices are always presented to us. It’s a daily thing, and I admit that I have not been too keen on that score. Maybe it is difficult to grow up no matter what number our age is? I ask that to myself every day.

Simply put, I went for a routine oil change for my car. I go to my dealership to get it accomplished. Why? Well, I already have a relationship with a lot of the salespeople and the mechanics there, and I actually trust them. They do a splendid job with making sure I have full synthetic oil, tire rotation, all my liquids filled including the washer fluid. And they top it off with a full car wash. As I wait that hour I relax on their couch with a cup of coffee and a bagel. 

This particular visit I had a whimsical attitude within me. I felt talkative, which is unusual for 7am. I saw the commercials for 0% across the board from Volkswagen. My Passat was getting worked on. I spotted a worker and inquired about what can be offered? To my surprise I was speaking to the head of the dealership. I called him John Swiss Cheese (he started that and I went with it). He was kind and said he would help me after his staff meeting. So as I was waiting I walked around the showroom. I looked at cars smaller than the Passat. Don’t ask why but I felt like going smaller. First I looked at the Golf as I was wowed. I don’t know why but I felt it beckoned me to look further inside. Before I did that I also looked at the beetle. I still call it a punch buggie as I did when I was a little girl. It was cute but too small. The Jetta I had no interest in. It felt sedan like the Passat so I skipped over it.

Back to the beautiful gray Golf. I was able to sit inside and a lovely woman Maria followed me inside. I had a saleswoman helping me. Astounding because I had gas questions, mileage questions, cylinder question etc…and she answered all of them with kindness and confidence. Wow! We went for a test drive for a bit and I loved every second of it. Don’t let the size fool you, for it’s very roomy inside. I did not feel claustrophobic at all. The wheels grip the ground diligently as I turned the corner. That’s great for uncertain weather. Maria answered all my questions, and I had a lot of questions about everything from gas choices that won’t corrode the cars parts to safety instruments.

Joy ride completed and I was in love with the Golf. Now time to talk turkey to find out if I can negotiate properly. I gave Maria and Lamor (the financial guy) my scenario and what I can handle on a monthly basis. I told them about my credit score and annual salary. I told them what I can accept and what I cannot. If they couldn’t meet my desires then I would chalk the day with information and come back another time. 

“Well what about a co-signor?” I said no. It had to work solo or forget about everything. Maria and Lamor started working on the side to work out a way so I can get my price. As I waited I had a second coffee and sat inside the car a bit. I was awfully scared of the whole process.

Why? You ask.

In my twenty four years of driving I’ve always had the purchase accomplished by committee. My mother had to take over, or my sister or brother in law. I never ever picked out a car on my own, even the color was chosen by someone else. My only guess was that they didn’t have faith in my ability to do something as important as car buying on my own. Yes it was scary and spur of the moment. I had no intentions when I walked into the dealership. I only went for an oil change.

So, Maria and Lamor came back after a bit of waiting to tell me that I was approved and they were able to meet my demands. I was speechless!!! Understatement of the year because I had to actually make a decision, by myself, on what to do.

I grabbed the bull by the horn and said yes! That Golf beckoned me, called out to me. It’s atypical for me. I’ve never had a hatchback vehicle. It also came with carplay for my iPhone and a sunroof. All my cars were basic plane jane that this was a first for me. I’ve never had bells and whistles before. I was scary excited. I love the nine airbags. I love the sos button for emergency purposes. I love the back camera. I kept pinching myself that I actually got a car with my own negotiating skills and got what I wanted. Maria helped transfer my stuff as I finished with the contract part. 

I spent approximately seven hours at the dealership, helped by Maria and Lamor. Got smart and kind advice my Michele who is another saleswoman on how wonderful it was to do this on my own, without a committee, for a change. They congratulated me, and John Swiss Cheese was very involved in the process with Maria. I was so touched and emotionally moved by the kind attention I received, with zero condescending of anything. They were wonderfully kind and respectful. They all even hugged me in congratulations, I did it on my own.

The power of being able to make decisions on your own is empowering. I love this car. I feel safe and spacious and know what I need to do if I need assistance. My sister was very proud of me that I took advantage of a sales commercial and got what I wanted. My brother in law took it for a spin and is proud of me too. My nephew…well he likes that I finally have a non boring car. What can I say, he is thirteen, so I accept that.

Little by little I am taking charge of my decisions and my life again. I’ve been in such a fog lately that I was afraid that I’d never get out of it. 

Take advantage of anything and everything you possibly can and get your power back. I believe that we all have inside us, we just need to let it out. I am finally getting passed the fear and doing it. It’s tough but worth it.

Next I’ll tell you about networking myself into a promotion at work. Another empowering story ahead….

What’s your power?


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