Charmed I’m Sure 

I admit that when Disletti asked that I contribute to her magazine I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure if my story would be of benefit to anyone. She convinced me to give it a whirl. What harm can it do? My name is Violet and I admit that I am from the world of hippie thinking.  My parents were 1960’s hippies of love and peace, peace and love. In my youth my home world was as colorful as a rainbow, but not the pastel colors.  They were quite pretty colors, especially depending on the angle you were looking at them.

I was fortunate enough that my parents were not a stereotypical hippie couple filled with smoking and dazing around.  They did bring out the trusty guitar and played and sang, but I did enjoy that immensely. Music brought my parents, me and my brother closer together.  It seems weird but for a time it was lovely.

A number of times I used to share some stories with my gal Disletti and she quite enjoyed it.  When she told me about her new venture, well the arm pulling had begun.  She did not pull that hard, she is a wonderful friend and I want to help her out.  Not everyone has been fortunate enough to tell positive stories, as I have a mountain full of them.  She was hoping that I would share some of my stories.  Be aware that they are not glamorous type stories, just uplifting stories that can help cheer a person’s day or maybe give some a good laugh.  Anything goes.

Disletti believes that I have led a charmed life.  In some sense that is true, but not in the way that you may think.  Emotionally charmed is the best kind (not counting sibling anything). I have been one of the rare lucky ones that even through tough times ( and even we had some doozies) but were handled in a way that even baffles me today, all these years later.  I am no youngster anymore, but Disletti’s mature balanced woman (insert laugh).

I do hope that you can derive some enjoyment reading some of my stories or anecdotes. Life is a new experience every minute, so share it.  You never know who it may affect at that very moment.

Like that sunrise, expect new things, hope for new things.  A new friend is not so bad.  Eliminating or at least filtering the cranky is good thing too.

It’s all about balance right?  I certainly believe so.


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