Taking Notes

Everyday we are exposed to so many people, places and things. It can be a positive experience, a neutral one or a negative one. As my friend suggested, I have decided to take notes.

Not everyone is your friend. Not every family member is kind, and not every job is a dream come true. A realization that is a two sided coin. It’s your choice which side of that coin to concentrate on.

We have all been used, played a fool and treated unfairly. I did not escape that kind of treatment, but I have been on a learning curve lately and it helps beyond my wildest dreams.

A new year brings new resolutions and I’m no stranger to making a list like that. I made a small yet significant list and all realistic possibilities. 

So as I stroll through my everydays I plan to take notes, either in my notebook or by mental observing. It is bringing a smile to my face just thinking about it.

Taking notes of people around me and their behavior will teach me who is good or who is time to let go of and move on. I don’t feel sad, but invigorated by it. I call it emotional freedom.

If opportunities come to in regards to a career and not just a job, then take notes and claim it.

Even in marriage, being equals is what it’s all about. Being a team member in a marriage is wonderful in my experience, yet I still take notes.

It never hurts on the inside to observe your surroundings and let it inspire you to take action in your life. It sure is better than living in limbo. 

I wish you all a Happiest New Year!

Take time to make notes that can help you obtain your goals, whether they are big or small. Just don’t stop trying!

Cheers 🍻 


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