Finding balance between anxiety, depression, laziness, hopelessness etc…can be a terrible juggling act. How can one prevent the balls from falling down. Emotions run deep and can proclaim itself in charge. That is a terrible price if procrastination occurs.

I have spent too much time procrastinating about everything from getting out of bed to school work. Nothing has been interesting to me. 

The cherry on my cake was that from before the new year and still today I am sick with kidney problems. First it was a bacterial infection, but the pain is still there. Now it is time for more testing. Could it be stones? Could it be something more serious? I must wait and see.

Don’t wait and fall into my well of sadness, despair and anxious awaiting. I am grateful for the emotional support of my husband and family, but they cannot get me up and going. Only I can do that.

Every day is difficult but I keep reminding myself that this is temporary, if I wish it to be. That is what I wish. Beautiful plans are underway and I can’t let procrastination and fear slow me down.

If you feel this way and have a lovely support system, please use them. They want you to. Let them help you. I still have a ways to go, but one day at time and I have faith that I’ll be a victor and not a victim.

You can too. You can, because we all have a choice to tell procrastination to take a hike.

One day at a time 😀