How does someone put health into perspective? We all have ailments of some sort, whether it’s allergies or colitis. You never know what can creep inside and plant themselves inside you to make you sick. Is it body aches? Is it cancer? It’s doctor visit after doctor visit. Being mindful of our health these days has some mixed emotions.

Look at Obamacare, there seems to be a lot of mixed emotions on that subject. I won’t go into the details about Obamacare because I have insurance through my employer. My point is that we can and should pay attention to our health, all health.

It’s not just bodily health, but do not forget mental health. Whether it’s a chemical imbalance or abuse from someone, it should be paid attention to. 

My new year has been filled with more doctor appointments and hospital visits than I care to mention. I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted from it, and I’m no where near finished. Is stress doing this to me or is my body starting to say goodbye to me. Only testing will tell me. 

I have mixed emotions about my health, both bodily and mentally. Medicine is fine, but I also believe that positive company is also helpful. I’ve never been that fortunate. My two best friends are guys who live in Texas with their families. I at least get to see them twice a year, so I’m grateful for that. We talk through other means, hey it’s the electronic age right? Their honesty and positive auras help me stay on course and think positive.

I try my best to hope that positive thoughts lead to positive body results. It’s possible.

What do you think about that? The mind and body connection?

I’m still going through testing for various ailments but I’m keeping a calm self about it. I cannot worry myself into a frenzy. What is meant to be will be.

Take care of yourself, both mentally, emotionally and physically. To me it all goes hand in hand!

Have a healthy day 😀