Today it seems that some are spoiled. Now being spoiled can be defined in various ways. My own family has a variety of spoiled people, including myself. So it means I’m spoiled?

So what’s the true definition of spoiled? According to there are seven different answers to that question. The answer I am talking about is “to impair, damage or harm the character or nature (someone) by unwise treatment, excessive indulgence, etc… to spoil a child by pampering him.”

Simple things make us spoiled or lazy. Instead of learning to spell, just ask Siri on your phone. When in doubt we don’t go to the library, we google it. Many people want fast answers. I am guilty of that sometimes too, but it depends on the subject.

Through many trials and tribulations and legal battles, I’ve had much struggle when it comes to home living. I’ve lived in houses and condominiums. Both fine to live, but I do admit that I love condominium living. Lately I’ve been having home issues and being called various names about my home preferences. I’ve been there and done that, so I’m not new to this. 

I wish for a simple one bedroom apartment/condominium with washer/dryer unit inside. Did I ask for revolving doors or BMW? No. 

Children may be spoiled if they overdue video game playing (just my opinion), some adults spoil their home living. Could be from kitchen selection to over abundant chandelier. It could be anything. Even adults get spoiled playing video games. I miss the simplicity of life, so I started spring cleaning already.

Hoping for a simple apartment is not asking for the moon. Does that render me spoiled? I don’t think so. Being on the east coast doesn’t help when cost of living is outrageous and even two incomes can be tough to live. 

I don’t consider myself spoiled with my request, but time will tell where it leads me. 

There’s always Texas or San Diego.

What do you consider spoiled?