We all have dreams filled with variety. It could be an apartment, a promotion, or a loving relationship. Some dreams are as small, simple and yet powerful as peace of mind. People may disrupt it, interfere with it or maybe sabotage it. Please don’t pay attention to the naysayers for you can conquer it all. Believe. Have faith within yourself.

Recently I have been surrounded, yet it feels like suffocation, with people who are so selfish, self serving, condescending, judgmental. All I can say is shame on me for giving them the opportunity to hurt me, in my soul and my wallet. I’m politely weening them off like a bad habit. I’m still lucky for my two best friends (men) and their families are priceless to my life. The rest don’t matter.

Weening out the bad, meditation and positive perspective has slowly helped me to see that with positive focus that I can achieve my dreams. The potholes in my life only diverted me to other avenues, but not to ruin. I’ve been blessed with two exceptional husbands. Even their faults were lovable. I miss them and my previous life, but I must pick a new road and drive on.

I’ve concocted various studies and exams that I shall be taking this spring and summer. My confidence level is soaring as my practice scores are high, yeah!!!! 

Upon completion my ready boxes are looking forward to their new destination. Maybe Texas. Maybe Arizona. Maybe California. Time will tell, yet I do know for sure that this Christmas I will be wearing shorts and swimming.

Whatever dreams and goals you have, do not in any way let negativity of other people deter you. That’s what they want. 

I hope and wish for contentment and joy in your life. Everyone deserves a chance.

Write to me if you want to know some of my tips and tools. I practice every day.

You can do this. Your achievement is waiting! Grab it!!!! 😀