In our youth we come up with a vast array of dreams, whether it’s a career type, or a home, family etc… The choices are endless, it’s just a matter of it finding you and connecting. Is it easy? In my experience the answer is no. For many the answer is yes. My lesson has been to get on the train to our dreams…whatever they may be.

There are many career paths to choose from, like:

  • Police officer 
  • Firefighter
  • Doctor 
  • Lawyer 
  • Real Estate Agent 
  • Musician 
  • Artist 
  • Author
  • Jeweler 

The list goes on and on.

There are also self employed dreams like:

  • Fast food chains 
  • Dunkin’ Donuts 
  • Gas stations with a food mart 
  • Clothing boutique 

That list can go on an on also.

I have also seen that many people that are not as fortunate to obtain some of those careers listed above, but I commend and cheer them for an honest day’s pay and the effort to use their situation as a stepping stone to further their lives and careers.

Every dream is important. Every one is valid and should be respected. Condescending someone about their lot in life is unacceptable and I have experienced that. 

I have had my share of ups and downs in the financial industry. Rebuilding is hard and I believe that many can relate. That’s why I put up the picture of the Bart Train from San Francisco, California. When I visited it was like I finally made it home. 

Ever since that trip I have dedicated myself to getting there. Keeping my eyes and ears open has helped me eliminate the condescending people who believe I’m blowing smoke in the air. I do not need them, yet they taught me tougher determination. I don’t miss them at all. That’s called emotional freedom! Yeah 😊

I have lots to do in order for my reality to finish in its construction, but seeing it forming, taking shape is exhilarating and it makes my heart feel the peace it has longed for.

Wherever you are in life, please do not give up or get off the train. Keep those eyes and ears open and grab whatever opportunity may come, even if it’s a crumb of an idea. I started with crumbs and studied my schooling, bit by bit. Never let anyone derail you. I was derailed for a few years but I’m back on course and contented.

I hope the same for you 😊

What do you want in life?