It’s quite amazing when you read a book and you get a-ha moments. In this pessimistic society of narcissism, greed, negativity etc….it can be deeply difficult to find things to be grateful for. I had a quiet day at work and felt like scrolling around Amazon and saw this book, The Magic. It’s about gratitude. I just started reading it in between my school studies.

I’m in no way plugging this book. It’s up to you if you want to check it out. I just want to talk about gratitude.

It’s hard to have gratitude when you’re not happy in your job, or your marriage, or your friendships. Life throws baseball curveballs all the time that we try to solve. Where does gratitude fit it? Bills pile up and no salary increase. Milk and bread prices going up. Gas prices also go up. Necessities and yet it can make you feel that the extra dollar you just saved is gone. Where’s the gratitude?

I go up and down like a yoyo. It’s hard to find solid ground and be consistent about it. Things change in an instant, either for good or bad.

Where do we go? What do we do? Certain state governors veto raising the minimum wage and base salaries, while their six figure income keeps getting higher. They bonus themselves while they cry poverty to their workers so they get zero bonus. That makes me sad deep inside my heart. Everyone should have increase, a chance to rise and be promoted in all areas of life.

At this time I can say that I’m grateful to wake up in a warm bed, have my coffee and drive confidently. My anxiety has lessened but my depression has deepened. I feel like laughing about it sometimes, but I’m reading and keeping an open mind. I can only hope right?

Do you give yourself a gratitude day? Or a gratitude moment? If not, maybe try it. You never know.

I would surely like to start gratitude day for every day and hope it can help me. 

There is magic in gratitude, as I’m starting to read.

Whatever you do I am gratitude you came to visit me and I hope you stop by again.

Peace ✌️