College degree or not you have endless opportunities waiting for you, but outside interference can always backtrack you. Does that happen to you? “You’re not smart enough “. “You don’t have any connections “. “Are you even driven or just lazy?”. All these comments and many more stops you from listening to your inner voice. Don’t do it! Listen to your inner voice.

I have and still live with it every day. It’s definitely not easy to keep a positive attitude when people around you criticize, condescend, and guilt you into living the life they want. It is surely not fair or right for anyone. Kindness is free and goes a long way. Why people at home, work and friends don’t realize that.

Lately I’ve had the grand opportunity to talk to a friend who is true to me. She gave and respected my freedom to express my feelings and desires and in that moment I realized so much. 

Once words came out and certain situations had a new life, it all became perfectly clear to me, step away. Sure I have continued schooling, but I am more confident than ever that I’ll pass it. I know that I can achieve my dreams. 

Sharing is not always caring, so now I limite everything I say and do, for that’s my first step towards changing my world. Concentration on my goals are my fuel to achievement and I’m determined. I’m also determined to make a career online as I’m here sharing my ideas and feelings. 

My inner voice said the opposite of everyone, friend and family. It’s my life, it’s your life, so grab it. Every small change can only help you achieve it. I now stick with pleasantries as nice human beings do, but I won’t let anyone interfere anymore. Allowing those interferences is my fault, but it’s never too late to set yourself on the right path again. I’m doing it and so can you.

If your inner voice is telling you something new and exciting to try, don’t answer no, just do it, try it. With trying you may have so much to gain.

Will you listen to your inner voice and excell in life? I pray you do. 😀