A little change of pace can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Yes, school, work, family and friends can be s lovely thing to occupy our time, but sometimes we must try something new. A new approach for me is to try and relax a cook a bit. I have plenty of room and privacy in my kitchen, so I figured why not.

I made a chicken dinner last night (I do not eat meat on Friday’s). I felt like using the barbecue shake and bake mix to add flavor to the chicken. I added some water, salt and pepper, carrots and onions. I baked it for approximately one hour (I used the timer on my phone to keep track).

I must admit that it came out delectable and flavorful. I don’t get to cook often because of long work hours and school, but I try to cook one to three times a week. I also made/prepared roasted potatoes, green beans and a salad. It was a small feast 😀😀!

It was very nice to spend time doing something different. My husband enjoyed it as well (he’s a great cook-stiff competition). Cooking something different took my mind and heart away from worries I deal with every day. It also lessens anxiety and depression within me and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Okay my peeve was washing the dishes, but I wear those cooky gloves and wash away while he wipes them dry. No dishwasher in our home and that’s fine by me. I don’t feel it’s necessary for two people.

Do you like to cook? Do you bake? 

I can’t bake to save myself. I have tried many times, but so far I’m unsuccessful. I’ll have to just keep trying.

How do you keep busy when you want to try something new? What do you do?

Now it’s time to make some salmon with tomatoes.