When we are first born, most of us are privileged enough to be healthy and whole.  That is a blessing that has no price tag today and forever.  Money is two things (in my opinion), the root of evil and yet a necessary evil.  I am all for money, as long as it is handled properly and with honor.  Health on the other hand you cannot buy.  Yes It can buy you a great doctor, but even he/she are not infallible.  Health is a vital part for everything.  Without our health, we can do nothing.  It is not hopeless in this day and age, for technology and invention has surely paved the way for new methods of healing.  I have tried many.

I will focus on my circle of friends today.  It may be small, but very powerful.  Health wise they all have issues.  I am included in circle, for my health has plenty of issues as well.  I also see around work, television, the mall, the beach etc… where people are walking different with their legs or holding things different with their arms.  It is a never-ending story. The east coast brings about so much up and down barometric pressure that my joints are not happy.  The damp humidity does not help either. The stiffness and pain is sometimes unbearable.  My friend’s knee goes into overdrive pain (he had surgery it years ago) right before rain or snow.  He originally lives in Arizona, so his visits east are only partially fun.

I cannot get through my list of ailments, for I would get typewriting cramps.  My main problem is my lower back.  I have six herniated discs; some of them are degenerated bone.  My spine is crooked ( like and upside down candy cane). I have bone degeneration on both my hips, with the right one being worse.  There is also the sciatica, stenosis, etc…. To be on the funny side…sometimes I walk like a penguin.  Go ahead and laugh 🙂  I have.

I do have a doctor to help heal my back, hips and legs.  I want to be able to run again, to walk normally again, etc…  It will be quite a long work in progress with lots of physical therapy.  I do not mind all that because the end result will be better health and more smiles.  My friend Cris has knee surgery and with patient work and physical therapy, he is happy again.  His decision to move to Arizona was a stroke of genius for him and his family.

My world is filled with pain and a terrible way to walk and live.  My doctor is a good doctor and he is helping.  I am already approximately 25% better, yet I have a long way to go.  I do not mind, because I know the road will lead to health.

In between my sessions I saw an advertisement for the doctor Ho’s back belt.  The doctor did give me a decompression belt to wear everyday (which I do).  Sometimes I wear it with ice and sometimes I do not.  My belt is so wonderful.  It relieves pressure and gravity on my lower spine.  I love it.  I also decided to get the Dr. Ho’s belt, and I was blown away.  Another fabulous belt.  It comes with a pump stick to inflate the belt.  I have the small size and it wraps around beautifully.  Luckily between my work clothes and my casual clothes, I can wear the belt and it is not seen.  I also do my best to wear the correct clothing so it would not be seen.  So far it is working out splendidly.  It is a fantastic belt to alternate between sessions and the other belt.  All three help aid me in walking straighter and slowly walking and not looking like a penguin. Next is physical therapy (when the doctor says the time is right).

Taking care of your health is so important and vital to anything and everything you do.  I experience a lot of pain at times, but I am still very grateful for many reasons. They are:

  • I can still walk, even though slowly
  • I can still drive, whether to work or play
  • I can still get dressed on my own
  • I can still shower on my own
  • I can still stand and cook (even though I need sitting breaks)
  • I can still do the little, yet important, things in a daily life

How great is that!? Very!!  In due time I will be in Arizona myself and will be able to have a nice and dry weather life.  The rest will fall into place.  Why?

Because your health is vital, important, priority and everything!

Do not forget that, please!

Many blessings of health and happiness.

Until next time…