Every day, twenty four hours a day, there is always something to do and to be done. What a difficult thing it can be to budget time. And try to find time to rest and sleep in between. It is very hard to be able to juggle the bouncing balls of every day life.

Life has never been as busy as it is today, these days. How does one accomplish being able to complete it all. A mystery to me that’s for sure. So what is to do?

  • Working 
  • School 
  • House cleaning, laundry, etc….
  • Cooking/baking 

It’s a small blessing that I do not have children, for that would be more attention and time consuming. I do not have a pet anymore. 

My list may seem small but so much is involved in each one. I can be a bit slow too because I like to accomplish my work correctly the first time ( not counting school exercises). 

And let’s not forget all my extracurricular activities like being here chatting with you all, taking up an amateur photography career, sketching, exercising etc… There are doctors appointments that must be taken care of too. Our health is vital in order to keep all the other work the ability to be accomplished.

What a juggling act we all perform, whether by choice or not. I know that I am grateful for the smooth and rough edges of my life, for it keeps me grounded and level headed. It is not always easy but I try my best. I have even decided to start a new ledger to write down everything that I set out to do, then check them off once they are completed each day. Every day is a new ledger day and I actually like it. It is like having a goal to check. I have decided to make it like a fun game.

Whatever your daily routines are, try a daily ledger. Try to make all your juggling fun. It makes my life on the organized side and puts me a step closer to make time for a mini vacation later this year! Yeah me for that!

How do you juggle your bouncing balls?