So you have dreams, goals and ideas. Don’t we all. Did they start while you were in grade school, high school or college? Did that career epiphany strike you like lightning? Or…did you dream a dream out loud and someone knocked it down? Well I must say Don’t let them do it! Do not! You have a dream, then be proud and own it!

What do people dream about these days?

  • Financial freedom 
  • College degree 
  • Position promotion 
  • Love 
  • Children 
  • A house or condominium 
  • New car
  • Etc….

Is any on this list pertaining to you? Some do for me. I have met people who dream bigger and some smaller, but they are all important in everyone’s eyes. Each person, man and woman has different ideas for success and I applaud them all.

You have a dream, then be excited about it. Start making it a reality, however you can. Make a to do list. Make a vision board to actually see what you want.

My vision board is quite simple yet brings me joy when I look at it. It contains pictures on a cork board of:

  • My dream condominium 
  • The dog I want to rescue 
  • Getting my PhD
  • Financial freedom-meaning the smile on my face that shows that bills are paid. Sweating nothing 
  • Continue loving the simple car I have 
  • Dream vacation pictures of London, Italy, Switzerland etc…

There’s other things that I can tell you about another time. I look at my board every day with a smile and write down my intentions for each day, like a business diary. I felt empowered doing this action. I have been doing for most of my adult life. Yes my board had some adjustments made, but the foundation was the same. I even wrote in bright red, a phrase to be a reminder to me. “No matter what potholes you fall into, get up and keep going. Adjust if you must, but never give up.”

I read it every day, pothole or not.

There will be plenty of people around you who will try to dissuade you from trying. The reasons are so many that I stopped counting. The condescending negativity of others can be so strong that you may debate giving up, but I say don’t do it. Don’t let them do it to you. They are not you.

  • Could they be jealous because you’re trying? Maybe 
  • Could people feel they’re losing control over you? Maybe 
  • Could people feel left out? Maybe 

Who knows why people do what they do, but I only know that without those goals and dreams, we are a shell. Don’t be a shell.

Dream about owning that home? Be frugal if you must. It’ll pay off later. Want that degree in school but can’t get a loan? Well keep researching because I got through college paying a monthly tuition that still provided me with education along with living a life. It is out there. Want that job promotion at work yet your not happy there? Kindness is your best defender. Keep to the shadows, smile and keep learning…for you! Don’t do all that for anyone but yourself.

Focus, focus, focus is an important key, along with clear headed determination. I’m living it every day. I’ve been up and down and up again. You can do it!


I am living proof and I am here to help you keep that balance and delete the outside interference. Helping you helps me too.

Tell me about your vision board? I will show you mine very soon, if you want to see it.

So until next time, I’m off to adjust and enhance my daily activities for making sure that my future is filled with peace and balance and I won’t let anyone do anything to deter my resolve.

You in???