Okay are you hungry for something?  Are you just plain exhausted?  I think that I am both! It is a strange quirk or mine.  I think that between eating food of any kind (breakfast, lunch or dinner) comforts me.  Sleep is another story, because that is my escapism. Do you have one? An escapism?  As time went on I noticed that when I would first lay to sleep that my mind would pray, think, dream and set some positive goals for the following day.  I put on some soothing earth/nature music and drift off faster than you can snap your fingers.  That kind of sleep ritual/preparation is my tool to feed my soul now and every night (or just every time I nap).

Having an empty belly is hard enough and I definitely do my best to contribute in this society of hunger. There is also the desperate need to feed our hearts and souls.  Why don’t we do that?  When I see someone filled with such venomous anger, the first thing that comes to mind is “Their souls are starved and left feeling unloved.”  Yes it just a guess, but what are the odds that I am wrong?

What are the fundamentals that people search for in their life:

  • Love
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Friendship
  • Financial freedom (or at least a job to get started as dreams start forming)

Any core fundamentals that I missed?  Please let me know.  I do know that I am ever so grateful to have these fundamentals.  I thank God and Jesus for such wonderful parents.  There made their share of mistakes, but as years went by I understood why and was not upset at all.  With that much love, there was no room for anything else.  We had food, shelter, school to read and learn.  I had some fun learning to ride my bicycle, swim and just be social with the other kids on my block.

That fed my youthful soul. Camaraderie fed the ego of belonging.  It was nice yet unfamiliar having friends when I was a little girl.  Insecurity already bit me in my behind.  I cannot fathom what started the whole roller coaster of my eccentric and quirky behavior.  Sometimes it was a joyful and whimsical experience, and then like flipping a switch I would be withdrawn and run off to be alone and only have my sketch pad as company.  My soul found a way to not be fed. My sister teasing me still has an unknown answer.  Siblings right?  The mystery of life!

Adults are no better, I believe! Resilience seems to only be in children or adults who have no emotions in their system.  Today’s society is mixed up that I have no idea where to begin.  In my eyes it is a backwards mess that I see no light at the end of the tunnel, but only tiny flicks of light.  Is it my imagination or hope?  I will go with hope.

Respect! Everyone wants it, but have a horrible time giving it.  I have friends and family who are of different nationalities, races, religions and financial status’.  Does it bother me, absolutely not! Why?  I believe that we each have our own path to fulfill.  If I take my friend Adrina’s path, then who says it would work? It was not meant for me.  My friend Adrina is a lovely woman with a house, husband, three children and two cats.  I only want a small condominium, my husband and a small dog.  Different things right?  I respect her life and decisions and no envy here.  We are different people.  She is also a Protestant, as I am a Catholic.  I have Jewish and Muslim friends too, and so what!  Everyone has their own path to joy and the feeding of their soul, just please respect it. Criticism and condemnation is not allowed in my world and they know it.

We are all different and need different things to feed our soul.  It is with a dinner roll or pizza.  It would be a hug from a friend or family member.  Maybe your pet is laying next to you on the recliner helping you relax after a hard day at work.  Maybe that feeds your soul.  There are so many ways, from music to silence that can help regain some emotional and psychological feeding of the mind and heart.

What do you do to feed your soul?

I simply go to the beach with my nature sounds and listen to the earth’s whispers.  Yes I believe that the earth has something to say and when in full silence I can hear something happening.  I focus and concentrate on being in tune with the earth and I also pray with positive self talk.  That feeds my inner sanctum more than any filet mignon can ever do. It is my joy that stays inside for as long as I allow it.  That is the crux of the whole thing.  We need to allow that positive feeding to happen, no matter who you are or where you come from.

For the sanctity of coexisting it is vital, but that is just my thoughts and opinions.

I respect yours and hope that one day you will share them with me.

Until then…Peace! 🙂

Feed your Now as the sun feeds the earth!