Standing in front of your full length mirror, you cannot help by examine yourself.  Up and down and in every crevice you observe and judge yourself.  Are you being fair to yourself or judging harshly?  Remember the phrase “we are our own worse critic.” It still rings true everywhere I look and almost every person I come in contact with. A basic question yet so very important is hanging onto that positivity and asking ourselves, how can it be done? Well, I believe with my heart and soul that it can be done. Remember, what goes up, goes down, and can come back up again.  It can be done.

So you ask me how? Why bother? There is always going to be the ying and yang of life.  Some questions will never be answered.  Here is a good question to ponder on: Sharing is caring, they say.  When sharing happens, whet results do you receive? Do you get judged or criticized? Are you being talked down to or someone tries to control you by changing your mind? Sharing is nice, but how do we know who to share to without judgment? These days everybody is in the right and never in the wrong. Strange and scary how society changes every day. Yet, if you do not share, you are labeled secretive (I call it privacy that should be respected).  Too many people are just plain nosy and that is a peeve of mine.  I do not believe in sticking my nose in a place that it does not belong.  I have also learned the hard way that sharing is not always caring.  Be selective in who you share with.  Positive criticism with love is fantastic, but judgment to me is unacceptable.  Besides I am not in a race with anyone, and I have no desire to keep up any of the Jones’.  I go about my own way.

So with so many different things going on in our daily lives that is so much more negative and pessimistic, how can one turn it around? So many fabulous questions that it can be difficult to get it typed down at once, especially since I am in the same boat as you, swimming with no life jacket and trying to survive.

One thing I have noticed is the simple things that help make change a reality.

  • Make the decision to get out of bed today.  Life may stink, but let’s get up. Chronic pain? You can still slowly get up, I do it and I have chronic back and hip pain.
  • Take that cool/lukewarm shower and refresh.  Maybe some exfoliation can help. I have many mint products or lavender that helps soothe my breathing.
  • I have many lavender satchels, like this one all over my home.  It feels nice to take a deep breath and truly feel the lavender smell radiate.  I have read about positive properties regarding lavender and so far I am liking it a lot.
  • Get dressed and get to work.  It may not be your career/dream job right now, but let’s work on that.

That is just to start.  Little things have started me on a road to making clear decisions and actually making it happen.  I have chronic back and hip pain, yet slowly riding the exercise bicycle everyday for about twenty minutes does help loosen my muscles and I feel an accomplishment.  It is small, yet massive to me.  All efforts are important, you just have to make that decision to get up and start making it happen. The first step to me is to just get up from the depression of the bed.  Once I have that going, a little more happens every day.

I do my best to filter out negative people and I must admit that I am getting better at it every day.  My sharing has diminished, but I am quite alright with that.  I have become selective and I am happy about that.  I do not need placating, but positive honesty is all I ask.

Today I also took some action on a small-scale, inquiring about investing.  My husband and I want to diversify our lives with various ways of financial growth. Today I have been asking questions and writing notes.  Today I also received a name of a person that help me in a literary sense.  I most profoundly want to be in touch with you here as well and maybe we can learn from one another.

One of my biggest concerns had been how can it be done? Well, as you have just read it can, with baby steps I say.  Also, talk to me and maybe together we can find more ideas on how things can be done.

Believe, please! I know that it is hard a lot of times to just lift up your head, but you can do it.  Do not feel alone. I used to feel alone, but not anymore.  I became my own best friend and the rest fell into place (meeting my husband was an accident that work out nicely).  I am here if you feel alone and ready to talk 24/7.

Together it can be done!

Oh and the lavender satchel is shown just so you can see what little things I use every day that help when I meditate or just have five minutes of quiet time in my car.  Yes I have a satchel in my car.  It is lovely and the scent is not overpowering to give you a headache.  I have tried some scents that were great in the house, but not the car.  Lavender and vanilla are by far my favorite in the car.  It is like having meditation to go, and I love it.  Time stands still when I can have just a bit of that quiet time to decompress and lavender always helps.  All my cars have had the experience 🙂