Stand there with your pious posture,

It will not last long.

For karma finds all do badders,

And you will not be strong.

Falter in your guilt,

Do you even have that?

That requires emotions and a conscious,

An understanding of a personal chat.

Sharing is caring,

Yet it exposes yourself.

Then sadness and betrayal comes in,

Sets my soul to bad health.

Perfection is impossible,

No one possesses it.

Do the best you can,

Smile and show your wit.

Life can be beautiful,

Prioritize and organize.

Positive steps to endeavor,

Love and not despise.

Be brave in your endeavors,

Someday they will come to pass.

Determination and focus,

Endure smiles and your unique pizzazz.

I am exhausted from the dark shell I possess,

It is eating me alive.

The darkness smothers me,

I am dying and not thriving.

Life is beautiful,

Yet people are crudely tough.

Filter out those ingrates,

They would only make your life rough.

Walk pass the darkness,

Go straight into the light.

Options available so investigate,

A contented life you have the right.

Arrogance and cruelty,

They mean nothing to me.

I ignore your babbling and look away,

My health is first to feel free.

You may like being that bully,

Picking on the quiet and innocent.

Remember that these you hurt,

May be your boss in any event.

So bullies and meanness,

May go hand in hand.

But rest assured karma will find you,

And will not be so kind.

Poetic storytelling is a passion of mine, yet I am extremely rusty.

I do hope for some constructive criticism from you, whether good or bad.

I want to shine in my poetry as I did years ago. I miss those days of getting lost in

the poetic stories I created.

I’m back going full force into the world of everything. I want to share all my creative

ideas with you and hope you like.

Some poetry of mine will consist:

  • Past experiences
  • Present experiences
  • Imagination
  • Journal-like stories
  • Articles

I even take suggestions if you like.

I was very creative and thought outside the box. I enjoyed it tremendously and I’ll

I was very creative and thought outside the box. I enjoyed it tremendously and I’ll

be back!

I hope you take the ride with me!

It will be filled with so many beautiful topics.

You will bring out the best in me and I look forward to it!

So thank you so much for checking out my poem. I hope you like it!

Peace šŸ™‚