Stress and Your Body

The seven letter dredged word called stress is the one of the most powerful words that we can ever experience.  It holds more power than you give it credit for and you allow it to rule you, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Did you ever ask yourself what your life would be like if you had minimum to no stress in your life?  I certainly ask that every day and I do believe that my inner stress level laughs at me.  Yes that is what I believe.  Power can be given or taken, but which one are you?  I am on the high wire of indecision, but you do not have to be.  Remember the combination and connection between stress and your body.  It is a new battle to commence.  Who will win?

Think about all the things that we allow stress and angst to rule over our moments:

  • The alarm clock
  • Cold shower water?
  • Finding that your favorite pants do not fit you so you cannot wear it today to work
  • A line at the gas station
  • Traffic because of rubbernecking. Heaven forbid that people mind their own business and just drive
  • Your boss or co-workers are cranky pants
  • Where is my raise? My promotion?
  • Money issues
  • Clients are anxiously rude whether on the phone or in person
  • Your spouse is cranky pants too

I can go on an on and on.  What about that promotion that you applied for?  I believe we all deserve a chance for promotion, whether we have the experience and skill or not.  They call that on the job training.  It used to be done and I long for those days where a boss had a gut feeling about someone and took a chance.  Unfortunately these days it about brown nosing to the hilt.  That is about as far as I will go on that subject without being downright foul.

Stressing about things that are small or big are all considered big in the scheme of our stress conscious.  I do not fully understand it, but I see it when it shows up on my skin.  When I worry or stress about moving to a new home it is exciting, yet stressful.  When I think about the schooling that I have to finish I love it, yet it stresses me out that I am not yet finished and onto the next level.  These things are in connection to money as well.  We all need it to survive and pay bills.

I believe and see that money stress is the worst stress.  That is just my opinion.  I have seen marriages break up over money fights, and yet some of those fights are among two well off financially people, so go figure that out.  I cannot and will not.  Yes I worry about money, my schooling, a promotion, moving to another state with my husband.  Some of it is exciting and some so stressful that I am experiencing bodily changes.

Stress, anxiety, depression etc…can reek havoc on your body:

  • Hives
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  •  Blemishes
  • Rosacea
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness

So many responses occur from your body when your mind suffers such high amounts of stress or even small amounts?  So who is at fault?

I blame myself for allowing stress to take over my body.  I have a difficult time relaxing and letting things go.  I do practice a lot and I am making progress, but I still have a ways to go.  I listen to nature sounds.  I read on my kindle and nook with my variety of choices to pleasure read in between study time.

If the sun is shining I take a walk.  It is not much of a walk with my hip and back pain, but I keep practicing saying the words “Walk it off”.  The longer that I walk and in a nice pace, the better I start to feel.  It takes away some stresses too because all I listen to is the sound of mother nature’s air and wind. I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and it feels like a hug.  Those endorphins do help and the more I can do that the more I begin to notice my body responding to the quiet within myself.  The hives slowly get smaller as I walk in the quiet of the sun.

I believe that it is true that silence is golden.  My own experience tells me that my body responds in a positive way when exposed to sunlight and quiet.  Maybe that is something you can try?

Stress is not worth your body changing from healthy and strong to unhealthy and painful.  I have learned that the stress will not change things in my favor, but only curse me to pains.  I am learning every day to let nature take its course.

If something does not go your way, do not stress it.  I believe that a better door will open for you.  That it what I believe in myself everyday.  I am getting better at it too.

How do you relieve your stress?  I would love to know.  It may help.

You and I are worth more than any stress that comes our way.  That stress will pass, and we shall still be here.

Peace and tranquility to you 🙂


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