Shake Off The Negativity ASAP

It is quite funny when you catch someone with their foot in their mouth, isn’t it? I call that diarrhea of the mouth and it provides me with such funny entertainment that I can be speechless sometimes. People say negative things all the time. They gossip and judge others whether they know them or not. I can only say shake off the negativity asap. Why? It’s just not worth it.

I have, to me, a funny little story. There is nothing much to it, but gave me some good insight on people, whether I barely know them or longtime friendships. People do say the most interesting things.

We have a sick elderly man that my husband and I do our best to take care of. Luckily the care he needs is not things that you need to be a registered nurse to do. We do our best to help in his new nutritional regime, extra laundry, medicine, try helping with exercising etc… It is certainly not easy to convince an eighty year old man to change. Charlie is stubborn and set in his ways. We accept it, so we do plan B. Sometimes plan B is winging it, depending on weather and individual pains and doctor appointments. It can be difficult to take care of someone after a full day at work. It is exhausting for me, especially since I am still trying to fend off my kidney infection. I get fatigued quickly, but I still do my best as my husband does as well.

Incoming is woman of sixty plus years old. Just my opinion-pushy, controlling and creepy touchy feel. I say that because this woman, Killa barely knows this man and treats him like a surrogate father and calling him Pops. While that may be endearing if she was twelve, but not at sixty plus. She’s only known Charlie for about six months and is already worming her way into his life, how, the simple art of paying an elderly man attention and flirting. I’m creeped out because Charlie just lost his wife a few months ago and she’s taking advantage of his pain, sadness and loneliness. She enticed him to gamble and drive when his doctor said it’s forbidden temporarily. She is also boasting to his family (the children) how she plans of having his will changed, no matter what.

I do my best to help but Charlie is not stupid and should not be influenced to do anything at this time. Things should only be decided by him and no one else. That’s just my opinion. I don’t get too involved because he’s not my father and I have no right to bother him about serious issues as a will.

So…on a regular evening as I was walking passed Charlie, he was on the phone with Killa and on speaker. She said “well she’s a jerk anyway.” I almost fell down laughing. Since it was on speaker I responded to her comment and just said, “I’m a jerk? Well ok for you. It makes no difference to me and my life.” She was silent on the phone as if her foot got stuck in there. 

People talk, we all know that, but hearing it like that made me laugh. She’s scamming an elderly man and I’m the jerk…insert laugh now!

Then there are those people who are not so.  Some people are mean, petty and selfish. That will always be a mystery to me. The nerve of people baffle me still at how unkind they can be, especially women. I thought that my friend Evelyn was a kind person and I was wrong. She spewed such not nice things about my best friend that it hurt at first. She called him a drug addicte begging for a fix. She said that she didn’t like him and thought him rude and strong armed. My best friend Matthew is the greatest thing since sliced bread. His questions about medicine was misconstrued and judged. Matt’s son has been ill and sometimes he found ideas about medical treatment when you get objective discussions. She mistook his eagerness for health as rude. She judged him without knowing him.

I told her the facts, she was silent (I guess both her feet were in her mouth). I received no apology, but I didn’t expect one anyway. All it did was confirm to me that all the years of us not speaking was the right decision. Her words hurt me for Matthew’s sake and his son.

My lesson…negative, judgmental people like that are not welcome into my heart. I refuse to allow nonsense to sway me from my dreams of succeeding in school, work and entrepreneurship.

I have shaken off that negativity asap and I feel great about it. I am wonderful! Charlie deserves kindness and Matthew needs friend support outside the home. That’s what is important and not the negative and judgmental comments of Killa and Evelyn. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not angry. I am eye opened and grateful. Days have been quiet since Evelyn was phased out. I pay zero attention and you should not either.

Everyone has their own version of a Killa and Evelyn, but please remember that you are better than the spewing of other people’s nonsense. What they say is unimportant, only YOU are important.

I hope you walk away knowing that.



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