Label Me A Human Being

Watching television, whether it’s the news or an entertainment program, walls are drawn everywhere. Competition runs rampant among people whether it’s family, friends, co-workers and strangers. Judgement, criticism and labeling goes on consistently. It just makes me sad and disappointed at how we label everything. I only ask to be labeled a human being.

I read stories too many times and I’ve become in heart a limbo person; hollow on the inside. Why? Bombardment of labeling paired with judgement.

What makes a person in a million dollar home worth more than a person who lives in a trailer park? Does money magnet is to label people? Not me and I wish deep in my heart that others would follow. 

I have been in various circles of people throughout my adult life. Each person provided a different outlook in life and good or bad it was worth the season of knowing them. Put people of different money issues and it’s a whole new ballgame. The rich judge the poor. The poor are frustrated because they try to get ahead and stumbling blocks happen. I respect their efforts. 

I have more respect and compassion to people who live in trailer park or RV’s or campers than I do those who make an extra dollar. Why? Simple, the rich have too much time on their hands so they gossip and judge others that are less fortunate. 

Do you notice that people who live in those trailer park are discreet and quiet? They mind their business and work on their lives. I only say this because of experience and first hand knowledge. 

Anyone and everyone is lucky to have a roof over their head. Heating and air conditioning is important and it’s great to have no matter the size of your house. To me that’s fortunate.

Labeling someone poor, rich, powerful or loser is just plain wrong! It breaks my heart when I see people judging others and when you look for the root of it what is it…money. Greed and selfishness play such a part that I find it obscene. Just because I may be rich or poor I’m still a human being. Whether I’m black or white I’m still a human being. The same goes for catholic, jewish, budda or muslim, still a human being.

Kindness, compassion, generosity and other  traits should not label us for no matter what we are human beings.

I am friendly with a variety of special people, human beings. I don’t see anything else but humanity. It’s a terrible shame that others can’t see it the same.

Yes I’m a woman, Caucasian, catholic and average middle class, but forget that, I am a human being.

Label me that! The rest is irrelevant!

How do feel about labeling?


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