OMG Graduation Time!

It is that time of year again and this time I have the opportunity to have a piece of the pie.  Every day, month, and year is someone’s special day.  What is going on right now is graduation time. OMG! My nephew is graduating from grammar school, and I am so thrilled for him.  Unfortunately I will not be able to join in the festivities for graduation is in Texas.

I still plan on being as much a part of the day as possible, from miles away.  I even have myself a schedule mapped out the my family.

  • Facetime my nephew Alex and congratulate him personally.
  • Make sure he has all my contact information so he can send me pictures throughout the day.
  • I also expect a small video so I feel as though I am sitting in the auditorium with the family.

I am overjoyed at his achievement.  He is on the principal’s list and has been asked by the principal to make a speech to the class of 2017.  I am ten feet tall with excitement for his day and his future.

As time was getting closer I was getting a wee bit nervous about what to get him as a present and have it arrive in Texas on time.  I scoured everywhere and thought of a variety of things, but then something just popped into my head, he is going to a private high school with a uniform.  How great in respect of the clothing.  Angie will be sighing at less laundry lol!!

I liked some of my ideas but they were just momentary ideas that would have faded fast. My decision became clear as I thought about his uniform.  He will be wearing a tie every day.  Now as much as that makes me smile, it also gave me the idea of a tie tack that he can wear to school and even on other occasions that require a tie.  I picked the one below because no matter what he wears he matches.  It is easy to click on and off and does not pinch the skin.

I thought “No Brainer!” so I got it for him and sent it to Texas already.  I cannot wait until he opens it that morning when we FaceTime so I can see the look on his face.  That is joy that cannot be fully described.

I do not get the chance to see Alex often, but when I do we have such wonderful quality time.  We pick a day out of his visits and have our own afternoon together, going and doing whatever we like (and including and Olive Garden lunch).  We have lots of fun together talking about books, movies, hobbies, what career he is interested in, etc…

I want to be as helpful as possible and also show him that being miles away does not have to mean miles away in the heart.  In my heart he is next door or at the park waiting for me to pick him up.  I am proud of him and hope to see a video of him making his speech.  It will be fabulous, I know it!

So I have to say congratulations to all graduates, grammar, high school, colleges etc…Your hard work has been noticed and I wish you to find a career you enjoy so much that you shall never call it a job.


Do you think a tie tack is a good idea for a thirteen year old graduation gift?  I think so but would to know your thoughts as well.

Thanks 🙂


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