Meditation Time

Every single day, without fail, we have our happy days and our sad/upset days.  There are various reasons where different behavior sets inside our hearts and souls.  And these whirlwind of emotions can just plain exhaust us that we are ready to plop on the bed or couch and just sleep.  Today I have decided on a bit of meditation time first.

It is a lovely day today.  The sun is shining, yet the slight breeze is on the cool side.  For a May day it feels like late March.  I do believe that eventually Mother Nature will figure that one out.  Still, this nice sunny day has sparked the need and desire for a little meditation time.  I only plan on a little rejuvenation to refuel my mind, body and soul.

I also want to do this for a bit today because it happens to be my wedding anniversary.  Wow! I am still speechless and satisfied.  A simple evening planned with a precursor of some meditation time.

I already have my candles ready.  My music is always on standby and ready to go.  All I need to do is show up in my little meditation room and enter the zone.

It is such a lovely experience for me to light one or two colored candles (usually green for prosperity and black for protection)(I do switch it up every month). It is of course set on a tray with safety all around it.  I put on my meditation playlist that starts the beautiful sounds of the waterfalls while a lovely woman guides me with her soft voice to reach deep down into my core being, stretch myself as best as I can, feel the heat rising within my skin, and then release.

I exercise  this from my toes going up to my head.  That peaceful and warm feeling of releasing tension is extraordinary.  I will push a muscle outwards and then inwards, releasing the stress into the atmosphere like carbon dioxide after you exhale.

I get a warm tingly feeling across my entire body when I do this particular exercise.  After about twenty minutes of pressure and release I feel ten pounds lighter inside myself.  My inner core feels quiet and peaceful and wonderful.  The more I practice this type of meditation, the more that peaceful feeling lasts within me.  That kind of joy is breathtaking.

Of course my eyes are closed during this exercise and I capture the fragrance of the candles in my nostrils, that I cannot help but have it affect me in such a way that I am transformed.  The power of meditation is so much stronger and powerful that I could ever imagine.  Your mind and body connecting that way is a transformation that changed me deeply and I am grateful for it.

So before our anniversary celebration, I will have my meditation and enjoy a lovely evening with my fellow.

Do you meditate?

What methods do you use? What tools?

Any ideas on fresh exercises?



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