Laugh More

Do you watch the news? Local, national or global news? Or do you watch the news for the weather, traffic and sports? We watch for various reasons and I certainly hope you get the information that you desire. Watching the news too much brought me to a clarifying realization…I just need to laugh more, because this news station and many others turned my smile upside down and that’s a no no! Getting my laughter back, and you should too 😀

Life has so much put on our plate every day. There is no day off from it. You worry about:

  • Work
  • Money 
  • Your children 
  • Your pets 
  • Your health 
  • Driving safely/road rage
  • Your home/apartment/condo/townhouse 
  • Your car maintenance 
  • Your family-from your spouse & children to your siblings and parents 
  • The government these days
  • Weather 
  • School 

Yes I’m sure you can add many more to this list. It’s endless. Does it ever stop? I don’t see it. Every day I see people becoming a bundle of raw endings because of worry and stress. 

So how can we take it down a notch or two?

There are many therapeutic ways to relieve stress and worry, even if it’s just for a short time.

  • Take a walk in the beach (I do every chance I get)
  • Play with your pets more often, even if it’s just watching television and petting them
  • Take a walk around the block in silence (keep your phone in your pocket), or play music as you walk to relax your senses 
  • Take a bubble bath with candles and incense and music 
  • Men- play with your car. My husband plays/tinkers with his truck for hours 
  • Women-meditation can be a great thing

I have been on constant school mode as I get ready for several exams. My eyes are crossed even though my studying is going great. So, I’ve been listening to a variety of audio books lately. I close my eyes and whisk myself away to the green lands of Scotland in the 1700’s or to Ancient Greece. Between my audio books and my Cotton Ball cockatiel, I’m releasing the stresses of the day…and even laughing a bit.

I love the quotes of the fifties and sixties, so I throw them out there whenever possible. I am not a curse person. I just don’t like to curse (to each his own), so I substitute with silly quips from yesteryear like “jimminy crickets “, or “heavens to Betsy”. It makes people laugh and then I laugh too.

Laughing releases certain hormones in your body to relax you from the inside out. I love to make people laugh. It always brings me joy to see people smile and laugh and that I helped to brighten their day. It brightens my days right back.

Try laughing more each day-as a practice. What do you have to lose? You have the power, use it!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Any funny quips you want to send me, or share, please do. I would like that and appreciate it!

So my little funny wicked friends, laugh it up!



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