Work or Career?

There are more career possibilities out there than I ever imagined. Closed quarters can do that to a person. You think of the ordinary things first, like a doctor or lawyer. Do you have the school opportunity for it? If you do then go for it! It’s time to live life with a career and not just about job or work.

I call work the other four letter curse word. Do you? The problem is is that too many do. How can we change that into a career. I’ve started with changing the mindset. Most things start with your mind and heart anyway, right?

I have tried various ways to achieve my goals and dreams and yet only a few actually came true. It was mixed emotions on that, but I did my best to make due.

If your dreams are of a career and not a job, then my only piece advice is to keep going and don’t give up. 

Certain certifications and licenses have taken a bit longer than I originally planned, but I didn’t give and they did happen for me. Nothing worth having is not without working hard, not giving up and keep the faith.

It’s a lot to ask for…faith. I have my good days and bad days about it, but it’s coming along.

Every day confidence can be rebuilt and trust within yourself restored. 

I watch the animal planet and watch how wonderful the veterinarian is with all her exotic animals. She has a career and has joy in it. I want that too.

Self improvement should never stop. Education should never be ignored. My library is full of learning like paralegal courses, Human Resources, law, photography, psychology, business entrepreneurship etc…. You get my meaning. I do read and learn something all the time, network as much as possible, and it starts with determination and mindset.

Here’s a picture of my husband with a baby sparrow. He’s fantastic with animals. He’s a magnet for various animals from skunks to squirrel to sugar glider, and he loves it. Surprises can happen and you just never know. 

Turn your love and passion to a career. Take pictures, blog it, writing and art. Think outside the box. 

Life may surprise you in wonderful ways!

What career choice is suitable these days, in your opinion? I’d love to know. Thanks!

Cheers to all wonderful things for you!


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