Winding down…

We work hard and play hard. 

I do believe somewhere in my soul that I was born in the wrong time of life. I do love the technological advances of today, yet yearn for simple days of yesteryear. Sounds strange right?

The pros and cons for people, especially women have gone some steps forward yet still steps back. So much still needs to change and people need to be open minded and evolve.

What would my life had been if I was born in 1905 instead of the 1970’s? 

Women struggled in various ways back a hundred years ago. The vote was new and had lots of controversy. With a lot of resistance and resilience to make changes it finally happened and women were able to vote once they were of legal adult age. 

Most daily living was the same then as it now, with minor differences. Women still enjoyed fashion and its accessories. Since careers were slim in choice back then, thoughts and ambitions magnetized toward finding a proper husband. These days most women want careers established first. 

A woman doctor in 1920? Rubbish! Only men were. Schooling was important then as well but assessed differently than now. Most jobs these days want those degree papers, but back then a reference was acceptable and women received a small variety of work like secretarial. It was a start and they loved it. 

Yes, nonsense and gossip was around those times too, but in letter form, and not instant social media. Behavior about gossip was mixed between quiet or outright cruelty. I guess some things do not change or evolve.

The telephone was new and exciting. The motor car was also new and exciting. The feeling of independence was the same then as now, but I bet there was no road rage then. Sounds nice!

People actually gathered together to talk, drink coffee, tea or wine, and just enjoy each other’s company. I can see that it is not like that these days. Yes I love my iPhone, but I’m not glued to it. I was told a story about a boy who was so obsessed with Pokémon Go that he literally ran out of his house to catch one of them and got himself hit by a car. Luckily he had no major injuries, just some bruises. My point is is that look what electronics can do to some people, like hypnotism. I find it outstanding.

I remember having fun riding my bicycle and climbing the trees in the seventies. How the children must have played with nature or read books. Still a possibility today, but it seems to have lost its significance, and that makes me sad.

I love watching DowntonAbbey for just that reason, to export my inner self into a different time and place and enjoy watching the simplicity of life. Every generation has its ups and downs, but I am referring to simple daily living. 

Anytime I feel out of sorts I watch it and it winds me down. I love it.

Enjoy and be grateful for today’s advancements, but don’t ever forget to find the simplicity within you.

Could be that peace of simplicity that can ease your inner self.

Be well 😀


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