Learning and Giving Back 

Growing up is so much harder than a child eight years old can ever imagine. Oh how I wish that I can go back and be eight or nine again. Yet, young children cannot wait to become adults. My mom said that I was the same way. How unusually funny is that when we consistently ask for something that is unattainable. Small children do not understand all the heavy weight that goes with being an adult. And I am talking in a regular middle class way of life. If life was as easy as a silver spoon then we may be having a different conversation here. Middle class – not the same story, but I did not say that it is bad. All of God’s creatures have their ups and downs, but perspective is important. A small child does not see the adult perspective and visa versa.  That is life, isn’t it?  We do the best we can with what we have, and hopefully everything will turn out alright.

Kindness is important as far as I am concerned, for that is where our true souls thrive. My deepest part of my soul and essence drive me to make enormous decisions that carry me throughout my adult like, and that is to always give back. Be a giver and not a taker, for that is a prize that is priceless. There are many ways and things to learn about and give back as well. I myself have been having a tough time on where to begin. Maybe you can help me decide, for I love all these ideas.  I have toyed with my to-do list of volunteer work that I want to become a part of:

  • Children’s Hospital
  • Senior Care
  • Homelessness/Poverty
  • Church
  • Big Sister
  • Charities of various medical research
  • The Veterans

I do not have a silver spoon in my life, but I am blessed (even when I do not feel like I am).  I definitely believe in sharing and giving back to the community and to people period.

My good friend Abby told me about a country singer, Jimmy Wayne, and his autobiographical book.  She suggested that I pick it up and read it, which I did.  I am still astounded by what I read.  This young man struggled to overcome so many negative and abusive struggles, and by golly he did it!  Homelessness, poverty, drugs etc…were all involved in his circle of growing up.  He did not ask for it, but it still showed up.  His tenacity to not give up was inspirational to me.  There have been too many times that I have wanted to throw in the towel, but somehow I didn’t, and I am still not sure why.  Jimmy drew strength in his faith.  Is that what I am doing?  Maybe…

Jimmy is the catalyst to my decision to be more involved in my community and being of some assistance to mankind.  I hope that I can help ease someone’s life as I know for myself that Abby has eased mine.  So now I will investigate and research the various topics from above before making my decision .  I will surely do something and soon, and I am very much looking forward to it.

Any words of wisdom?  Ideas?

Until I make that final decision I will clear the cobwebs from my mind and forge ahead reading this inspirational book.  That Jimmy has led some life and I am very glad that he got out of that circle of negative garbage and came out into the light of life and faith in Jesus.  Nice 🙂



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