Delete The Unhealthy ASAP

Too much of anything is not always good for you, even the healthy stuff.  So why would you want to be encircled in anything that is not positive and good for your mental, emotional and physical benefit?  Is rebellion such an attractive thing that you could sacrifice good for it?  It does make a person pause and think a bit doesn’t it?  Free will does tend to make us take extra time to think.  It is not always fruitful to be spontaneous.

Life does not have to always have high school replayed either.  Those mean girls or overly manly boy/men are played out.  That is called growing up, but unfortunately not everyone has that opportunity.  I am thrilled that I did, because high school is over and I would not repeat it for all the money in the world.  Let the past stay there and enjoy your right now.

If you ever find yourself in the circle of negative people, please delete them.  They are not worthy of you.  I used to have a lovely circle of friends, but the road to tomorrow changed and the course of my life went into its own drive.  Could I stop it?  Sure I could have, but I did not want to.  I only decided to continue interacting and yet silently take notes and upon the right time, make my own informed decision on what was best for my future.  Was that advice or self discovery?  That was a little bit of both and I am thankful for it.

These days age doesn’t even matter, because almost everyone finds some excuse to compete with others. I don’t understand it. Be happy for others, but don’t compete or compare. Every person has there own path. My path may backfire on you and visa versa. 

I found myself caught up in nonsense politics too many times and I hated it. Personalities change as well as behavior. The condescending nature of both men and women have escalated to a mountainous proportion and I had to get off that ride. I don’t embrace people who brown nose or kiss butt, no matter where. I don’t look for validation from anyone but myself. What did I do? I pressed the delete button, moved away emotionally from people like that and moved on.

What a freeing feeling! I may have a tiny circle of friends and acquaintances now, but I’m happy to have deleted the negative bs. They were like vultures pecking at the core of my soul. It’s unacceptable and I took action.

I hope that you can too. It’s not worth risking the health of you to be surrounded with people of self interest, who would throw you under the bus to save themselves. 

You are better than that and I hope that you always remember that!

When in doubt, delete!


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