Just couldn’t resist showing you my newest summer casual wear. It’s so rare that I get t-shirts but these birds are too cute.

I saw this t-shirt and I couldn’t resist showing you. Baby Cotton Ball and I are learning and training together. It’s a brand new experience for me since I have only known dogs. I had a beautiful Maltese Sandy for seventeen years. He was my one and only pet. Cotton Ball is a whole new world.

Every day I am learning new little things. Today’s lesson was reading the whistle signals. Like a baby (and he is a baby too) you must know the signs of each request:

  • Hunger 
  • Thirst
  • Pain
  • Attention 
  • I think more but I’m still a work in progress 

Having him away from his cage also has him away from his food. I’m learning that birds, like Cotton Ball eat a lot. He’s been away from his food for over two hours and for the past ten minutes he’s been making chirping noises. 

I observed the chirping and wondered what it could be. He looked fine but kept yelping. I looked at the clock and thought about food. So I went to his cage and brought up his food dish.

Once I set it down and looked away (he likes to eat without an audience-that’s funny to me). Solution!!!! He gobbled up and kept eating for several minutes. Now I know the chirping sound for “I’m hungry “.

Every day I’m growing more attached to Cotton Ball and realizing that birds are fun after all. So when I saw this t-shirt I just had to have it. It makes my casual wear cute and still feminine, and I like it!

I had to share it. I’m thrilled!

I still have my Maltese coffee mug. I’ll show you sometime. I miss my Sandy, but he had a great life filled with love, attention, travel etc…

Now it Cotton Ball’s turn to have the love and attention I love to give.

What pets do you have?

How do you train? Any advice on birds?

Off to fetch his water now. Good night!

Until next time…


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