Simply Stop It!

“Your black eyeshadow makes you look angry!” “Is that a zit I see? It’s so red!” “What is that red patch by your ear?” “You’ve gained weight. Those pants are a bit snug dear!” Oh my goodness, please just simply stop it!

People, how do we best describe their diarrhea of the mouth? It doesn’t stop, does it? Why the judgement and criticism? I have never understood it.

In the seventies they called it teasing, but that just sugarcoated bullying and condescending behavior. I never saw a reason for such behavior, for it’s unnecessary.

Do bullies mistake kindness for weakness? Are they so insecure? Are they bored? Why do it?

I’ve seen teasing/bullying in the younger levels at school and in the workplace, and they both stink like a donkey’s ass.

Do you agree??

I, personally, have experienced a variety of condescending behavior from others, whether by friends, acquaintances and even strangers. I find it to be such a turn off. I would rather be a loner than have such terrible treatment. Women compete with each other for stupid reasons.

Since teenage years that extended to adulthood, women can be cruel to each other:

  • Who dresses the most provocative 
  • Whose boyfriend is the coolest 
  • Whose family has more money 
  • Who will get married first 

That list goes onto:

  • Who is the boss’s teacher’s pet
  • Who got the promotion first
  • Who is the prettiest aging woman working in a man’s world 

That list goes on and on.

I had that too. I was fortunate enough to have fantastic male friends that I didn’t need or have use for women friends. I demoted them to friendly acquaintances. It was best for me and I love the quiet freedom.

It even thrills me when I look back, that those attention seeking mongrols were not part of my weddings. I’m still thrilled that those special days were not tainted by selfish “women “. One was rude enough to flirt with my then fiancΓ© in front of me. What does go on inside their brains.

Unfortunately my husband passed away, so it gave certain people lots of ammunition to talk down to me. “Oh poor poor Disletti what will you do ?” “You’ll be so lonely now.”

Then after about seven days I was yesterday’s news. Truth, I was glad. Shoving their husbands in my face was too much and too rude. Even in death people are bullies and talk done to people. It makes no sense.

I continue on my path of quiet kindness. I, as well as many others, have learned the hard way to steer clear of people like that.

You are wonderful and don’t let anyone talk down to you. Individuality is a gift, a blessing. Harness it, smile on it and cut the others out. Your life deserves better!

And always remember that even when you leave a bad situation that you leave it within your mind, heart and soul too. Otherwise they’ll always have power over you and you and all great and genuine people deserve better. 

I am finally away from work bullies and gossipers. I only miss a tiny amount of people, but for the 99% I’m thrilled to be away from those ignorant, materialistic and selfish creatures. My main focus is to move on to new and exciting adventures and I love it! My family is great and supportive as my husband is as well. I know that I am lucky in that respect.

No bully should ever make you become someone that you’re not. You are wonderful. πŸ¦… An eagle soaring through life with happiness and contentment. I hope that for you as I do for me.

Bullying Must Stop!

Be well my friends. You make me smile πŸ˜€



  1. Glad you were able to leave those friends behind. I once had a friend who constantly made unintentionally rude remarks. One time we were parking the car to go out for a big night, and she said to me, “You’re not wearing that belt, are you?” I always laugh about that comment because it was so mean to do that as we are about to walk into a bar!

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    • Hi. I’ve had similar comments. Mine was “you’re wearing a turtleneck sweater for a rock club?”. They went to meet guys and I didn’t so I was treated inferior. I was the lucky one because I was in loving relationship at that time. They kept trying to get me to cheat using the age excuse “you’re young play the field ” I hope you have been able to get away from negativity like that. Once I made the decision I felt like a building was lifted from my shoulders. I’d rather be lonely than mistreated and miserable. I wish you well 😊


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