Karma Goes Both Ways

Actions and words have consequences, good or bad. Life is considered ten percent action and ninety percent reaction. Finding ways to control oneself can be a daunting task. Today’s people are of the most mixed variety. It can be mind boggling on the way people behave these days, that it can make you wonder “what’s your karma?” Karma does go both ways.

I found on dictionary.com the definition for karma and it says: “an action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.” It can be seen as a brain’s food for thought. Behavior, actions and reactions can dictate for you your future destiny. Will your destiny come to pass or be flushed away? It is up to each individual person to think on it and decide.

We are all responsible for our words and actions. Whether we treat someone well or not, karma always comes into play. I believe that we all have a story to tell, both good and bad, on how we’ve been treated and how we gave back to that treatment. Were you kind or nasty? Did you rise above or sink low? We can probably write a book about our various encounters. 

I can honestly say that I do wish for karma to be spread accordingly. I believe that you reap what you sow, and it can be glorious or heartbreaking.  Sometimes karma can take what feels like forever to happen, but I think it does, no matter. It can be a shame if one doesn’t get a front row seat to see it happening. That is how I feel regarding certain people and how I was treated.

I do want to share a happy story first with you. It is a two part story, one of my friend’s karma that intertwined into my life. This person, Abby, is such a special person that I just feel compelled to share my joy of her and pride of our friendship. My dear friend Abby is a beautiful person both inside and out, but she met challenges after her second child was born. Her husband, although happy in family life was not in his career. Abby was uncertain regarding her career after her maturity leave. She was allowed to work part time, but unfortunately the manager was not sympathetic to her arrangements, and quickly took back his agreement of part time hours. It came down to being full time or leave. She felt like a cat cornered with uncertainty. Although the manager spoke to her harshly and rudely, she showed beautiful restraint and grace. She still spoke softly and kind. Her wondrous behavior did not go unnoticed. A fellow account executive took stock of his business and made a decision to ask her to be his assistant, which included a salary raise and more responsibility. She and her husband made adjustments and she accepted his offer. She is now in a better state regarding her career and doesn’t miss a beat as her children grow. She’s full time yet a bit on the flexible side and she is happy working with this executive. They match beautifully. 

To see good karma happy as it did for Abby was amazing. She did not stoop to nasty tactics like the manager, which by the way was transferred to another branch. She remained and still does as the kind and gracious person she is. I love her story and she deserves good karma. She’s a genuine person, and a rare one. 

My “career ” came to a screeching halt after new management came and I got shuffled around. The new manager also cut my pay by a disgusting amount. I was so full of rage that I did not see straight for quite a long time. I couldn’t believe the audacity of these newbies that showed up and treated me in such an inhuman way. The nastiness and gossip was so hard to stifle down within myself. I had eyes for revenge and justice and I new that I had enough information to cause red flags everywhere. Whether substantial or not I wanted to plant that seed and watch them crumble. It was bad enough that I was treated and spoken to as if I had a contagious disease, but to have had such a paycut ripped my insides out. I was lost in my anger. It took all the energy I had within me to have been polite to them. It was hard to swallow their poisonous venom with a smile, but I did it. 

That rage would still be brewing inside me if it weren’t for Abby. Her generous nature and sharing ability showed me something. She held my hand and hugged me when I cried. She encouraged me when I was in most raging element. She suggested that I say this phrase to myself as often as possible: “Never mind them for God has a better plan for you.” I did not believe that at first, but as time went on and I saw the office complaints rolling in, I began to laugh. I miss the way things were, but I didn’t want to work beside them. They are full of gossip, greed, selfishness, condescending and sinful nature and I didn’t want any part of them. The more I said that phrase the calmer I became. Abby saved my heart and nervous system. 

God does have a better plan for me. I believe that more and more every day. What they reaped they will sow, and karma and God will be my vindicator. It brought me peace in the midst of chaos and I am thankful to Abby for showing me life in a different angle. Whatever karma will behold evil and selfish people will be the decision of the heavans. I doubt that I’ll get a front row seat, but I do believe it will happen. I also realized that success is the best revenge. I don’t need or want them in my positive zone for they’re not worthy.

I do believe that good people get their juice rewards as selfish people get their punishment. Timing is up to the heavens above. I only want to spread positivity and a glass half full. I enjoy sharing stories with others in hopes that it may help them somehow. Better to give than receive right?

I do hope that good karma comes your way and your wishes come true. Kindness is free to give and yet so significant. A little kindness can change a person’s life, as Abby has done for me. I thank God for her every day. 

Many blessings and good days for you!


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