Cognitive Tooling 

At is my experimental other website. It is in conjunction with this site. Whether it’s a website, knitting, bicycle riding or reading, positive hobbies and tools can make all the difference regarding your plateaus and valleys of emotions. In my experience emotions are such a strong factor as to having any anxiety or panic attack episodes. Sharing my cognitive tools is positive help that goes both ways. I like the sound of that.

Keeping my mind and heart busy helps me level any anxiety. Life is full of stresses, just like:

  • Work drama 
  • Family drama 
  • House or apartment maintenance etc
  • Bills Bills and more Bills
  • Your health 
  • It stinks if you’re unemployed or uninsured 
  • Weight gain? Tough to lose it sometimes 
  • Simply driving whether in traffic or not

My list can go on indefinitely. You can always insert more for yourself. Combating life’s stresses is no easy task. And of course there’s always the possibility that your anxiety can turn to irritability or anger. I shall explain that in another post.

Self talk has and still is one of my important tools to keep anxiety down to a minimum. It takes a lot of practice. I even say that to myself “This is a practice. Practice makes perfect.” I say that to myself out loud a lot, especially when I drive. Now I’m a fine driver but my anxiety and panic happened in my car and on top of a bridge. It was a scary five minutes or less, yet felt like hours. It was a simple drive with zero drama. No one cut me off and I had a lovely day. I had no traffic either. It was as sudden as a rain shower in Florida. Come and gone that fast, yet that lingering sensation still tugs at me years later. 

I still drive over some bridges and overpasses, but it takes work and consistent self talk. I also keep busy with other activities such as being here and talking to you. We all need an outlet sometimes. Use your imagination and you positive joys and take action on it. I do understand that it takes time but it does get better. I feel it a bit more every day. Do you?

One of my other projects is the above site that I’m experimenting with. I am new to having a bird (a cockatiel). I am considering sharing my learning of bird training and help teach others from my experience.

Do you think I should? Should I have it here instead? Cotton Ball is a lovely baby bird and I want to help people as I’m being helped. 

I would surely appreciate any feedback. 

We’re all in this life together, so let’s try some cognitive behavior towards ourselves and others. Tools are a fascinating way to heal. 

More tools I use are coming, so please stay tuned.

Keep talking and try to smile. Baby steps and a smiling reality will come.

Be well!


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