Baby Pet Training 101

Do you have a pet? Any kind; dog, cat, bird, etc…? Hey some people even have exotic pets such as a bunny, goat, squirrel, teacup pig etc… Aren’t they all the cutest animals, especially when they are babies. So small and just learning simple things is so adorable to see. Of course I find it a pleasure to just see the origination of newborn animals coming into their own. That is where baby pet training 101 comes in.

I had a Maltese dog in my youth and I loved him so. He was so adorable and eager to learn about his new home. Every day was a new experience for both of us for he was my first pet. That is for a later article.

These days I’m a pet mom to a baby cockatiel Cotton Ball. He was a gift from my father in law. Cotton Ball was both skiddish and excited on his first day at his new home. First order of business was naming him. My husband and father in law decided on Cotton Ball because of how he puffs up to a large cotton. The puffing was so big for a small animal that it bewildered me. It was so cute to see him do that. It also showed that he was acclaiming himself nicely to his new surroundings. How lovely ūüėä.

That was the first and fundamental start to a beautiful life for little Cotton Ball. Making sure he felt safe in his new cage was important. We shopped for the best cockatiel food so he would get the best nutrition possible for our baby. Of course me being such a softie I also got him some toys and a treat to snack on. Although he appeared both scared and excited to be with us, I understood that our road was just beginning in the desire to make sure that Cotton Ball felt safe and happy being with us.  This was not an easy task for because I was and still am new to the world of birds.  My husband had a cockatiel before Cotton Ball, so I along with the bird, we were both ready for schooling.  I do not know what was funnier to see, Cotton Ball learning or watching me learn how to be with him.  Two pupils at the same time was a funny thing to watch.  Of course my husband had to take plenty of pictures and video in our lessons.

As each day went on Cotton Ball was getting to know his name and was slowly showing signs of recognizing his name.  It was awfully cute to see his little feather top bolt upright when we called his name.  Then the more we said his name, the more often he cocked his head from side to side in acknowledgement.  How fascinating to see that he was getting used to us and quite quickly too.  I did not realize how intelligent they are.  That is my new learning lesson every day, for each day is a new experience.

Cotton Ball’s eating habits brought on a schedule that he was and still is quite good at.¬† If he is away from his dish he gave a light chirping sound to let us know that he is hungry.¬† It was a wow moment for me, being that I had a dog before.¬† I would never have guessed that cute chirping meant hunger, but Joseph said so and it was so.¬† This is the food he instantly loved and still does:


Then the art of trust that goes hand in hand with happy eating.¬† This picture is Joseph massaging Cotton Ball’s neck and ears, and he instantly loved it so much that it made him close his eyes with joy.¬† I was watching the bonding between Cotton Ball and Joseph take place and it was a beautiful sight to see.¬† Oh boy does he like to be massaged by his ears, under his beak and on top of his head.¬† His eyes would automatically start to flutter.¬† Of course it did take some consistent cojoling to make it happen, but not as long as I thought.

Trust and bonding is so important whether it is a cockatiel or dog or any animal.  Although Joseph is the primary bonded papa, I am at least on the list lol.  I am the secondary mama and I like it.

I am so excited to be able to share with you all my cute adventures and quirks with being a bird mom.  I find it exciting because it is brand spanking new to me and I am enjoying it every day.

Do you have a bird? A cockatiel? A parrot? A cockatoo?

What is your experience that you may be able to share with me?  I would love to hear/read about it.

Well, off to bring my little one some fresh snacks.

Until next time…Peace!


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