Supplemental Careers

Do you necessarily have to bank your whole life into one career? I don't think so. We are too smart for just one. How many skills do you have? I would bet that you have many talents, experiences and skills. Don't you agree? I believe that about myself as I begin to create a new career for myself. Even if you already have a job and like it, it doesn't hurt to build a new and exciting supplemental career.

We all have had dreams of certain careers when we were in high school. I definitely shifted from one choice to another. For various reasons I kept that shift on constant rotation. I liked a variety of things but wasn't sure which I wanted to devote all my energy on. Granted, now I do have some regrets about choices that I know I should have grabbed, but you can't go back in time. Yet, dreams and desires can still be obtained. What is your career dream?

I know that for a long time in my youth I gravitated towards two career goals; a psychiatrist and an entertainment lawyer. The fact that it required a lot of schooling did not frighten or deter me. My unfortunate was the money required to enter the schools required. I was grateful that my grades were good enough to get in, but not good enough for a scholarship. It was a disappointment, so I went into administration. It wasn't so bad because every company needs administrative duties and I qualified, yet I was not fulfilled. It did not help that office politics were and still are a turn off in my eyes. Then again there are some things that will probably never change, like office politics. I have done my best to grin, bear it and keep to myself.

Now I find myself at a crossroads regarding career paths. We all have a story to tell and I am hoping to be able to help those in need or want of experiences. Struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and just plain sadness of excessive deaths in my life has brought me to a brink of talk. If any of my stories or personal advice can help someone then I am oh so glad of it.

It is almost like being here is my supplemental career of being that psychiatrist, without the formality. Granted I do not have medical knowledge (only some that I did learn in school), but I have experiences to share that may help someone to feel that they are not alone.

I want to share all that I possibly can with you and show you my progress. I can only hope it helps, plus I am available if anyone may want to vent. We all need that from time to time.

Whatever your career dreams are, don't disregard them. There is always a different path that you can still apply it. Everyone deserves that chance to try, everyone.

Don't be shy, just grab hold of it.

I still count myself a wee bit helpful to my friend Rhona, who unfortunately is in a mental institution. She tried to do it by herself and became a ticking time bomb. I do hope that in time she will recover, for the chances are a good one. Having Rhona write for me here is what I call giving here a positive outlet that she didn't have before. She is a chaotic person filled with so many emotions that therapy and a friend like me may help her heal and go home again.

See…I am trying my best and I believe that whatever dreams you have can benefit yourself and others as well.

Go for it! Give it a chance!

And if it's alright with you, let me know how you get on. I love to read good news.

Peace and blessings to you!

Until next time…


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