Christopher Columbus

We are so bombarded with news these days that it’s so difficult to turn it off. I am just as guilty of watching too much CNN. Society has been torn upside down since January, don’t you think? I am not speaking sides or plugging anything here. I just wish that someone in government would understand the true meaning of immigrant. Let’s start with Christopher Columbus.

Well, I do enjoy reading about history. My main fascination is British, Scottish, Irish, etc…. I have read and watched documentaries on the Roman Empire, Egyptian Sphinx, English kings, etc… If you read carefully you can see that Europe and the Middle East has been around for numerous centuries, dating back to the beginning of the calendar. Europe is east of the United States, right? Right.

So, Christopher Columbus was commissioned to sail eastward towards a new land. He believed that there was land and a new world awaiting. That was in the 1400’s. Christopher Columbus stumbled upon this new land in 1492. I do hope that my history and dates are not off the mark. But just think for a moment. Christopher Columbus landed on this new land in 1492. The pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock (now called Cape Cod, Massachusetts) in 1620. These puritans were not happy with the Church of England, so they left and ventured east. The group of approximately one hundred or more people wanted to go further south, but with winter coming they didn’t want to take a chance traveling in such weather.

So…Christopher Columbus-1492

The pilgrims in 1620

Native American Indians were already on this new land. Were they the true originals of this new land? My opinion is yes because they got there first.

Without going into too much historical detail (so I do not get it wrong), I decided to take a simple and pollianic approach.

Christopher Columbus, in 1492, landed in the new world, where Native American Indians already lived. So does that make Columbus the first immigrant in this new land? I think so.

The same can be said about the pilgrims coming on the Mayflower in 1620, another set of new settlers, immigrants in a new land.

So what is so wrong about today’s immigrants that have the same dreams and desires that the pilgrims had…to have a new start, a fresh beginning. Oh the pilgrims were no angels. They had plenty of purist selfishness and greed. I guess some things do not change, sadly.

Over many centuries people from all walks of life immigrate to America, their new land, just as Christopher Columbus.

There must be a reason that America is called The Melting Pot, right.

In the depths of my soul I believe that a higher power, God, helps to guide us to a place of safety and freedom. America provides that.

In earlier years a person had a chance to have a rags to riches story, where other countries did not have those opportunities. That’s wonderful!

Yes we have obstacles and they’ll probably always be there, but try to remember that you or I may be American from some other decent, yet we come from immigrants. Everyone has.

Look at the Titanic! Thousands of a mix of people either coming home to America or immigrating for the first time. The same is said of Ellis Island.

We are all immigrants and I wish people would get off their entitlement toilet bowl and realize that. We can’t regress to the behavior of the pilgrims who drove out the Native American Indians back in the 1620’s. That would be horrendous.

I, today, feel a special gratitude and thanks to God, for guiding my late father, who was in the army, to get sponsored to come and live in America. He was my first hero and immigrant. And he was so proud to learn the language, take classes and became an official American citizen. He was very proud as I was later at him too.

Please remember as you look around your neighborhood, workplace, shopping mall, etc…that every single one of us are immigrants of some stature.

Be grateful for your opportunity to be the next rags to riches stories.

In America it can happen and I wish it for you!

God bless!

Salute to your freedom ✌️Peace

PS: My picture is of a vegetable garden I started. You can’t do that in every country. Enjoy your freedom and opportunity!



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