Autumn Sweaters for Cotton Ball

How we love our pets! I have loved my Maltese Sandy for seventeen years. How shocking is it that a maltese lasted for that long? Very. I loved every minute of having him. My little boy. Pets, no matter if a dog or Pygmy goat are just plain fantastic. Have you seen a pygmy goat? I observe that they must think they are a dog. Watching them jump up and down like that in sheer joy is contagious. I cannot help but smile and giggle at them, and I think they are adorable and so small to hug. I have seen people who have a variety of pets, ferret, guinea pig, a fawn, or an amazon bird. The joy they bring to our lives is just outstanding. So when the seasons change, my pet’s wardrobe changes too. It’s time for autumn sweaters for my cockatiel Cotton Ball.

I am even going to make it myself.

I have discovered that since having a pet I’ve been able to minimize my anxiety and my depression has lifted. After experiencing some traumatic things in my early youth, I, unfortunately didn’t have a shoulder to lean on. I was not offended much for I was in my early twenties and my friends had lives to live. If I was able to walk away from my situations then I would have too. They were kind after my father passed away, but they couldn’t fill the void he left. There were kind friends that I had then, and I’ll forever be grateful that together they got me a puppy for Christmas.

I was overjoyed and swelled with pride and gratitude. I had a beautiful Maltese, Sandy, for almost seventeen years. People came and went, yet Sandy was my constant loyalist. He kept my secrets and kissed my tears. I’ll forever love him, as he is now in pet heaven.

Now I’ve embarked and embraced a new adventure of having a cute cockatiel bird named Cotton Ball. He’s still a baby. He’s rambunctious and playful, just not all the time. He and I are both still in training. Laugh now!!

Cotton Ball is a tropical bird that loves the warm weather. Now that the weather is slowly cooling he is unfortunately shivering sometimes. We try to keep him warm but it doesn’t always work out.

So…it’s time for some diy to rear its head. I found a pattern and I’m taking the above picture of the sock and going to make him a sweater. It’ll be something new for me to try. It should be quite interesting trying to put it on him.

After I cut two holes on the sides for his wings to go through, it’ll be time to put on a cute autumn sweater. Hopefully he’ll be okay wearing it so I can make some more sweaters or velcro jackets for him. What fun to dress him up.

What should I make for Halloween? I take suggestions. This is new to me, yet quite fun.

My Sandy wore sweaters, a sweatsuit, t-shirts, jackets etc… He wasn’t too thrilled with the jackets but he loved his sweaters. Now it’s time for Cotton Ball to start liking them.

What fun!


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