Sketch Me A Picture

So is your hobby for fun or for therapeutic purposes? Either one is a beautiful thing. Any variety of art is a wonderful testament to your creativity. Use it. Embrace it and never let it go. Our minds crave that creative outlet to release whatever emotions we may have bottled up inside us. So what do I do? I get my pencils, both black and watercolor, and sketch me a picture.

My little nephew, age nine, loves to paint. Since he is young he uses his children’s paint by number sets. He may go outside the lines, but he has such fun. I enjoy looking at his creations. He particularly likes to draw and paint animals, from goats to dogs to horses. Oh the vivid colors he gives these creatures, it’s wonderful.

People also may choose sculpture as their art form. I have seen many vases and potpourri dishes made with such unique curves and colors. It is a lovely skill to possess. I have tried it once, to sculpt, but I inadvertently made it more a comedy show than art. I wore the materials more than on the molding table. I made nothing, but had fun trying.

I love all forms of art, from sketching to writing to whatever may spontaneously pop up in my mind and mood. I call it my zen time. Life’s hardships and disappointments of people, places and things disappear when I play with my pencils and sketchbook. I get lost in the making.

It can be a constant civil war deep inside yourself when anxiety hits. That feeling of dizziness or over abundance of ants in the pants impatience. Every day I ask “Who will win today?” I never receive an answer. So I move on to plan b, positive distractions. My solution is my drawings.

I have been on the rusty side lately. Depression can certainly put a dampener on proactive actions. I long for the days of simplicity, when I would get up and get on with the business of self fulfilling joy. There is no money involved (other than art supplies), yet is more precious that an expensive iPad or jewelry.

I admit that I love books, sketchbooks. I have a variety of sizes. I always keep one in my purse, with a pencil, so I’m always ready to strike when a beautiful view comes my way.

Of course there is always the root of it. I’ve enjoyed drawing since I was a small child. My fondest memory is being near my father while I sketched. He would read his newspaper while I drew. I used to show him my rough works, and then the finished product. He was very supportive in my joy of the arts. That memory remains today and keeps me going.

Bad and sad situations happen, yet finding your happy place is so important. Whatever your soul cries out, grasp it and make it bloom. That is what I’m doing again.

I have started in unfamiliar territory, animals. I have always drawn people, but I wanted to start with something new. So I decided to draw a recent picture of Cotton Ball, our cockatiel. I took a picture, set it on the side, took out my book and pencils and began.

The result is above. What do think? It took me less than an hour to complete it. I was proud of it. I look forward to more. My little inspiration bird.

Battling illness of any kind can swallow your insides wholly and completely and with no sympathy. Find your strength that hides deep down and rediscover your inner hobbies and joys. I plan on making a drawing every day, starting with my small book and working my way into my 11×14 book. The canvas part will come later. All in good time.

I have noticed that my emotional attitude is beginning to shift while I create such pictures. My mind eases, my heart slows and I dismiss and dissolve all the people who have hurt and betrayed me. That’s life and a risk. I know I tried and that’s the best I can do.

I am the most fortunate that my husband is very emotionally supportive in my time of sketching. He encourages me to continue and gives me constructive criticism, but never rude. He’s got his classic car restoration as his art form and I have mine. Sounds wonderful.

If you have a desire please don’t let people stop you from doing it. They don’t live inside you and don’t know you as you do. Forget the people who are naysayers and focus on your positive activities. Your health is more important that someone else’s negative behavior. You have a special place in your soul waiting to be unleashed. Please don’t quash it.

My drawing has put a lot of my anxiety and depression in check. It’s not completely gone from my life but manageable to a degree of joy and peace.

I choose peace, within myself. As my inner peace grows I can then resonate that emotion to help others.

A win win don’t you think?

What’s your artistic hobby? Do you enjoy it?

I’d love to know.

Don’t give up on your creative abilities. Thrive in them and who knows what can happen. Van Gogh wasn’t sure. Now he’s an icon!

Surprises are around the corner. Grab them and try to enjoy the ride!

Any sketch suggestions please feel free to ask😊



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