Scammers Beware

In this technology age there are so many pros and cons that I do not know where to begin. I have found many positive aspects of the internet and social media. There are so many wonderful people to interact with and some not so much. So how do you dissect one from the other? In this day and age it can be hard, so cautious diligence needs to be active. Be aware of scammers everywhere that place a target on you.

Scammers disguise themselves in faces. Some make telephone calls portraying themselves as agents of various corporations telling you that you have won money. When it’s too good to be true then it certainly is. Always investigate when a sweepstakes’s person calls. Publishers Clearing House is one of poor unfortunate. PCH is not supposed to call, email, Facebook or instagram telling you that you won their sweepstakes. That process is conducted just like the commercial, with the proper authorities, television and check for you. They are not supposed to ask you for personal information, yet these telephone scammers ask for just that.

Let’s not forget tax time. It was even on the news during tax season to be aware of scammers calling saying that their government agents and that you have a blemish on your IRS records. In order to avoid arrest warrants they demand iTunes gift cards amounting to thousands of dollars to sweep the arrest under the rug. They only ask for the series of numbers on the back of the card and then they disappear. These scammers will say anything to bring fear into your psyche so they can take your money.

Telephone or text scamming is also on the rise. Typing false advertising on work at home jobs to entice you to join. They even send you money via email. That’s a red flag already. That is a fraudulent check. If you were to deposit it, then harassment begins by them texting so much and demanding to take that money, use western union or moneygram to send money to a third party. Where is the job in connection to such demands? Do not deposit email checks from unscrupulous individuals.

It’s quite a scary world of that so many inhumane hustlers are springing up to scam people of their money. They use false and lying tacts to either entice you or put fear in you. It is such a horrible thing. I can’t wrap my head about how these people dare to do these things.

I must say that I am glad for the invention of caller id. Especially in cellular phones it’s vital to know who is calling and from what state. It is appalling that they are so persistent that borders on the line of harassment. Even I have mentioned to plenty of these scammers that if they don’t put me on s Do Not Call list that I would call the police for telephone harassment. Instead of apologizing these people just click down the phone.

I implore you to please be on your guard. They come out of nowhere and do not stop until they get your attention in hopes of playing you for a fool. You are no fool because you are informed and forearmed.

I hope these examples never happen to you. It’s despicable that people are so greedy as to steal your money and disillusion your mind and heart.

Take note of your caller id, whether it’s your cellular phone or landline phone.

Too many have tried this week to me and I am on constant alert.

Be alert and safe!


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