Halloween is for Everyone

So who is Halloween truly for, children or adults? Well there’s plenty of room for both. I don’t see it as a traditional style holiday, but a celebration of the love of Mother Earth. Do you feel as though the ghosts of your past come to visit? Halloween is for children, but adults can have their share.

One of the first things on a Halloween to do list is the customary costume. This picture of me is from a few years ago and my costume was Gothic Queen. It was easy to put on off and very comfortable to wear. I felt weird at first because I rarely put on a costume, but a sixth sense told me “just go for it and have fun”, so I did. I was glad for it.

My fondest memories are seeing my nephew’s in their costumes. As infant/toddler’s their costumes were a variety of: Michelin Man, Iron Man, a Ghost, a Pirate, a Wizard etc… It was so much fun to see the joy on their faces when they wore those clothes and were ready for trick or treating. They showed such innocence in a day that sometimes can be ugly.

What do I mean by ugly? I so dislike saying it, but sometimes teens grabbing and throwing eggs is a terrible thing and useless to the

hallow ‘s eve. Let’s not forget the nair cream that some kids smeared on others. Remember Nair? The hair remover? Yes I saw teenagers using it. The smell gave them away. It turned me off to Halloween for a long time. To me, using eggs, Nair or other hurtful objects takes away the root of the holiday.

I admit I do not dress up anymore, but I respect the tradition of all hallow’s eve. My costume joy is watching my nephew’s growing and advancing in their costume choices.

My eight year old nephew Alex is looking forward to Halloween. He has his small pumpkin so he, with his mom, will carve it to their desire. I can’t wait for a picture of it. Then it’s off to shop for something cool.

This is what he chose:

What do you think, Alex is eight years old. I love it and can’t wait to see him in it. And, it looks easy on and off for him. Kids can get squirmy sometimes, so his mom Angie agreed with his choice.

So many different characters are available these days. Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings is still very popular. A lot of the wizards are fascinating to him, so why not indulge. They’re only this young a entertaining once.

How do you celebrate Halloween? A costume? A seance? A magical moment of connecting with the spirits? I, personally like to take the time a commune with nature (weather permitting) and meditate my blessings and wishes. Of course I do that after I get to see the kids and squeeze them up in their costumes.

It is so wonderful of the vast selection of costumes out there. One time, a few years ago (before I stopped the costumes), I bought myself an I Dream of Jeannie costume. I was able to have some fun at a costume party. I must admit that it was the most fun I ever had for a costume party. The costume was luckily an easy fabric so no issues happened, except the many suggestions to grant wishes lol! It was fun.

What will you be doing this year?

I haven’t made my decision yet. Any ideas for me? I could use a fresh point of view.

Happy trick or treating 🎃👻


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