There is a Novel Inside

Do you realize that you are a book awaiting publication? Everyone has a story to tell. Every life has all the elements of a storytelling book, whether fictional or nonfiction. Yes, it can be a long a daunting experience to go through, if it’s a memoir, yet exciting if you have and creative story to express. There is a novel inside all of us, so why not give it a try? I decided to do just that.

I actually found a few avenues to try in regards to publishing. Amazon has a program for that and you get a piece of the pie. Sounds like a win all around.

I have loved all forms of art since childhood. I love writing stories and poetry. I enjoy taking out my pencils and brushes and sketch. My painting needs practice, but I’m enjoying it so it doesn’t bother me.

Writing is such a different beast. I find myself either backspacing on my iPad or crossing out on paper when a sentence doesn’t look or sound rational or grammatically correct. Practice right?

I tend to lean towards the fictional storytelling, where sky’s the limit on character development. That is what I’m doing now.

Yet I am also being positively realistic. Starting with a short story and working my way up is my plan.

Do you have one? Lately almost every person you meet has written a book of some sort. My observation is in today’s political climate, people are writing left and right, expressing their point of view. And guess what? They are getting published and they’re selling.

Who says you can’t do that either? You can!

Did Ms. Rowling have any idea that her life would change after writing about Harry Potter? She lived in her car. I am astonished and inspired.

We all have a best selling novel in our brain.

I hope that you use your hidden talents as I’m going to try myself.

What an exciting time it can be for all of us, if we allow it.

Carry a notebook or have a journal app to be ready to write/type your ideas, characters, scenery and plots. It may sound daunting and I have a newfound respect for authors who have undeniable and beautiful talent in taking a character on paper and making them three dimensional and pop into reality. A talent that makes you say “I just can’t put it down “.

It’ll be an exciting thing to try.

I’ve already gotten started and it’s feeling awesome!

Do you feel like a novel is inside of you?

I hope so!


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  1. I started working on my 1st attempt at writing a book this year. My main character’s name is Ava. How cool is it that I met you just a few months later. I love how God works. Praying for you and your novel. God loves you!

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