Holiday Fitness Time

It seems to be that time of year again, when resolutions are constructed or new to-do lists are made. Who hasn’t made one? It been written and rewritten many times. Holiday food, shopping and the pondering over “What shall 2018 bring into my life?”. It’s a very good question. Have you received an answer yet? As I myself continue that pondering reflection, I also decided a while ago that I must get started before holiday time. My personal reflection had already begun, in the way of fitness fun.

Life can certainly knock the stuffing out of anyone and everyone. It doesn’t care who you are, so you must adjust, somehow. Is it difficult? Of course. Can it be done? I believe so.

inspiration comes from unlikely sources. I took a break from working and put on the television. I see beautiful Marie Osmond talking and showing her Bodygym. I was hooked! I remember having something similar to this years ago, but lost it somewhere. Well, I said, it is time to get reacquainted. I actually found it and purchased it in August and I cannot express how much I love it.

i must admit that I have a number of health issues which limits my exercising, yet I love to exercise and feel my adrenaline pumping. It makes me happy, for a chance (you can chuck now). Once I received and started to get the hang of the twisting of the bar to make the resistance bands a tougher workout, I hit payday. Each lift of the bar (after I rolled it three times), I felt my entire arms struggling to lift the bar. I was in beginner mode, but the more times I lifted the bar the more confidence I felt that my arms can do the job. Now I didn’t jump ahead, I did start with no twisting and worked my way to the three wraps.

Then onto my legs and core. Now that was painful like nobody’s business. My disc pain was prohibiting me from getting a good work out, and I started easy. I was also lucky that my doctor approved this workout for me as long as I don’t overdo. I decided to fully obey the doctor. I was craving positive endorphins and weight loss. A double win I think.

As each week went by and I exercised with it twenty minutes a day, every day, I did notice changes. For me it’s the inches first, then some weight goes down. I found that using the Bodygym every day also changed my mental way of thinking. If you’re having a bad day you may grab a donut, right? I’ve been grabbing a pear or banana. I’ve started drinking more protein shakes with fruit.

If I grabbed a donut I’d feel so bad as if I was cheating on the exercise routine. Amazing how one thing leads to another. Perspective, reflection about life takes different turns when positive projects start showing fruition.

I can only speak for myself, but I know that I have lost ten pounds and five inches, and I am just getting started. This little bag of joy is helping my stiff back to loosen up little by little. I still have a ways to go, but I am determined to succeed and maintain that healthy lifestyle.

The domino effect can be contagious. My simple looking gym equipment has not only begun my weight loss, but I find myself a bit calmer every day. Life and people throw punches to our guts too much. They bully, manipulate, guilt you into doing their bidding. I have been dismissing it and keeping focus on myself. You can’t fix me, only I can. This is my start.

i decided not to wait for that holiday weight gain or New Years resolution. I had to do it now, well in August. I’m so glad I did. The bag is lightweight so when I stay with friends or family I can still get a workout, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Every minute counts for me.

Every minute should count for everyone. Nothing and no one is forever, so enjoy yourself. Get your positive endorphins working to help you. It helps with my anxiety, panic and depression as well. Put your favorite music on and you’re great to go.

i just had to share my excitement at having this because I was skeptical, but glad to be wrong. Sharing to you both the good and the bad helps us all, I think. I also love how it all fits inside the bag and putting it away is easy and small.

I finally found my little goldmine and I had to share it with you. Soon enough I just might be flexible enough that my back will be it’s old self again. It is still possible.

What exercise brings you joy and raises your adrenaline? I’d love to know. I am always eager to learn from you too.

Tonight’s music playlist is a special one consisting of all my female musicians that inspire me to keep pumping.

I tell you…keep pumping. Don’t wait for holidays or the new year. Enjoy today!

Happy endorphins time! 😀






  1. I love that you are benefitting from it! And I only “chuckled” 😉
    My PT has been doing new treatments that have been helping me soooo much. My legs are stronger. My feet are stronger. And my spine is TRYING to loosen up. I have actually had people ask me to either slow down or if I am trying to race them. But I am only finally WALKING! Praise God!
    Keep up keeping up! I love your attitude!

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