Grab Your Career Opportunity

We have all had jobs at one time or another. Have you ever heard the jab on job? Many people say it is initial Just Over Broke. Insert laugh now. I thought it was funny in a sad way. Having a job and having a career is like oil and water, don’t you think? If you are lucky enough to have an actual job, that you enjoy and pays well, then you are a rare person. I have learned that grabbing a career opportunity is out there and seizing it now is prime.

Sometimes we do not get lucky in our career or job and you may find yourself unemployed. I understand that every state is different, but I do hope that anyone unemployed is receiving benefits. I wish that for all.

I have learned recently that schooling is available with work placement assistance in the Unemployment offices. I hope they provide that in all fifty states. A friend of mine was layed off from his job and took advantage of school opportunities. He was able to obtain a Class A tractor trailer license. Now with many years of experience in dump trucks, he is able to utilize his skills and experience onto his tractor trailer knowledge.

Through u unemployment, my friend has a new license and now has his career at full speed (pun intended). He now has a career with a terrific company, nice people, benefits of the union (Love a union worker) and has nice pay. I was and still am awed at the various abilities of an unemployment office.

If you ever find yourself in such a predicament, I urge you to take advantage of schooling offered by your local unemployment offices. When you look at it in a simple manner, it is your money coming to help you expand your horizons. Think about it, when you were working, your company took money out for taxes, health benefits and for unemployment as well.

There is an allotted amount of money waiting for you to meet move forward and possibly begin again in a new field. How exciting that must be. Your own money pays for it, right?

Does your state have s reserve of school for you, if you are ever in that situation? I can only speak from what I saw, but I think it’s smashing.

Do not give up on having s career, and not just s job. Persistence, determination and a lot of research can reap some positive benefits. I was able to see it first hand.

Unemployment should not hamper you from your career. It is surely out there, so go grab it.

Of course once you have enrolled in a specific course, you do not lose your unemployment benefits. That is extended while you’re in school.

How wonderful that sounds.

Have you tried it?

Did it work for you?

Please let me know how it works for you.

A career is just a visit or quick online enrollment away.

Grab your books, and speak to someone in your nearby offices and get busy establishing your career!

I cannot wait to read about success stories.

You can do this!!



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