Artful Baby Steps

So in many things we try, baby steps can be an important part of the process. Like a child, those baby steps prepare you for great things. Whatever brought and still may bring you joy, you needed to start small and work your way up. The same holds true for a variety of interests. I found at an early age that I enjoyed pencils sketching. So my humble start was artful baby steps into the world of art.

With regards to art, there are numerous forms that can bring about satisfaction at the creation of something that is all your own.

What is art?

  • Sketching
  • Abstract
  • Charcoal
  • Acrylic painting
  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor
  • Paper
  • Canvas
  • An easel
  • Drafting board

Do any of the above relate to you?

I can say I love all of the above, yet I admit that I am quite rusty, so I must restart from scratch.

Growing up I loved art. Without thinking I plunged into the brushes and paint. In other attempts I had my crayons. I was excited at school once when they had a vocational project. I cannot recall the whole event, just that all the students were asked to draw/color what we envisioned we’d become once we reached adulthood. What career choice did we have in mind. We were to draw our future career selves. I cannot recall what I drew, but I do remember that it grabbed my heart and I fell in love with drawing. I do remember that my picture wasn’t very good and that I was determined to make a better one.

A sketch artist was born.

There are many ways to sketch a picture. There is the freehand way, as my attached picture is, or by grid. I only use a grid on my large 11×14 size sketchbook and my canvas’. I carry a small portable sketchbook so I can freehand a photo.

My photo gallery is my library of choices to draw. I have over five thousand pictures that I’ve taken over the years. I’ve got a variety to choose from, like a scenery from Napa Valley or people like family and friends.

One of my favorite is fantasy art. I love the whimsical mermaids or fairies with wings. The colors and contours of the pictures are so fascinating that I must sketch them. I am hoping to paint one of them.

My little book gives me an open avenue to draw when the mood strikes me. I just take it out, grab my pencil and go. Doing it freehand also provides me with zero pressure for perfection. I just love to get lost in stroke of the pencil, and the rest is irrelevant to me.

These baby steps are also helpful if you experience depression or anxiety. The beauty of the pencil takes me into a different world full of peace and joy.

Art therapy is one way to, for me, to ease anxiety and depression. I concentrate only on my artful task and it makes me forget what worried me. My breathing and heart rate goes back to normal and I feel free inside. It’s a wonderful feeling, even for a little while, to have that in the palm of my hand.

This picture is baby step one. As you see there are many parts missing, such as the face. Well it happens to be from a photo of someone very special to me who passed away. Sketching him during his musician days brings nostalgia, love and peace.

Stay tuned for the finished product. That’ll be soon.

I decided to give myself a break from the picture and start a new one. Once I give it a few days I plan on returning to it. I will not allow my sketches to be unfinished. It’s very important to my wellbeing that any positive project I start that I finish. Besides, I enjoy it so I want to expand my horizons about it.

I hope you join me in the art journey for peace and mindfulness.

I use many tools in my life as I balance between good and bad of life. Every day is a challenge to balance work and play and I use a variety of tools to help me in my healing. Art is one of them.

What is close to your heart that takes you to a peaceful place? I’d love to know.

Be well my friends




  1. Thanks Mr/Mrs for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain the simple blogger…..
    Peace and Love

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    • Hi Patrick, how are you? Thank you for following my blog. I like your blog a lot. I look forward to getting more reading. You have a wonderful talent. I wish you tremendous success 😊


      • Thanks for replying  back to me.

        Thanks again for reading this my comment to the end. I guess you find it interesting.

        I really enjoyed such reply as I type to you now.

        Peace and Love

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