Grab That New Beginning

Isn’t it exciting when things start falling in the correct way? I think so. Sometimes the domino effect can backfire and fall down the opposite way. Is there a right way or a wrong way? I guess experience and knowledge is our own best judge. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur and you may have no choice but to make changes. That doesn’t mean that the domino effect will fall the opposite way. It may actually fall the correct way. Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? I am learning, right now, to grab that new beginning. Whether forced or not, we must go through changes, and evolve into more knowledgeable and intuitive people. Can it be done? They say that after a certain age people have a rigid mindset and are unwilling to change, or to even try it. I do not believe that for a second.

I am not in my twenties anymore. I am a bit older, yet I have the open mind for change, or at least the attempt of it. Conservative at some things, and yet ready for change in other aspects of my life. Yes it may sound strange or maybe I’m confused about what I want in this life. Yet in the blink of an eye certain changes would make me jump for joy and go (like a job relocation to the west coast).

There are numerous changes going on in my life right now. It’s exciting and scary all rolled into one, like an eggplant rollitini. So it’s time to get down to the business of change and how to balance it.

My husband and I are about embark on a new home, a simple townhouse not far from the Jersey shore. It’s a daunting task because he is moving from his family home. He inherited so much stuff from this house that it’s quite overwhelming for me. I do not believe in having extra stuff or multiples of things. I do mind different sizes of frying pans or cooking pots, but empty plastic laundry detergent is outrageous. Nostalgia is lovely, but to keep a salon type hairdryer from the sixties is a waste of space. There are countless things that should be either thrown out or given away. Unfortunately I do not have the authority to do so, or I would have completed the task months ago. And don’t get me started on the electronics and car stuff. It’s exasperating to think of packing.

I do hope that reason will prevail and that only essential things will be moved. We are going smaller and sadly my husband is not good at downsizing. I, on the other hand, am fantastic at it. I have my issues with being anxious and depressed, especially when new situations arise, but I have never been a collector of frills.
I have known ladies who collect strange things like piglet salt and pepper shakers, Disney figurines, snowbabies figurines, etc… My less than pieces of souvenirs from my trips to San Francisco does not count, for they can fit into one midsize bag.

My husband and his parents had to have five vacuum cleaners. Ask me how old they are? Over twenty years old. Do they work well, no. I vacuumed our upstairs and unfortunately had to stop because the cleaner (could be the belt) started to smell like something burning. That put me in a frightening moment. I quickly shut it off and put it away. All these vacuum cleaners are old, and lost their suction a long time ago.

I tend to live by “less is more”. I have also more experience than my husband with regards to home living. I have lived in various types of homes from apartments to Condominiums to rental homes. I’ve also lived in a number of states from Florida to Missouri.

Did I have shell shock from my moves? Oh yes I did. After a number of moves it became easier for me and taught me a lesson on not collecting stuff. I have lost a number of things along the way and after many years, thinking on it, I do not care. It is just things. Things do not matter to me, people do. I go for essentials and necessities.

So, through a lot of haggling and debating, I was able to convince my husband that we should donate, throw out or leave behind all junk, including all the vacuum cleaners. In my previous home I had a small dyson vacuum cleaner and I adored it. It was thin, small, charged on the wall and gave my back a freedom like nothing else.

My previous home/house was quite big with lots of rugs, plus the runner on the stairs. A big traditional vacuum cleaner was fair, but my back would be in pain for days after cleaning the stairs alone. Once I got that dyson I found a new respect for cleaning. I’m no expert on it, but because of its small size and ability to piece apart for the stairs, I stopped dreading the darn thing. It was my life saver for my lower back because the stairs were so easy and quick to be finished. I love that.

Now my husband can experience first hand what I mean when I rave about it. He is very good at housecleaning and he has his own share of back issues, so he’ll be thrilled when the job is done quickly and effectively. The suction is so much better than the conventional cleaners.

Every day is a list being made, or added and subtracted, of things to be decided on. It is like an elephant in a room and you have no strength to get rid of him.

But…with small changes and teamwork, my husband and I can have this move be a blessing in disguise. He originally didn’t want to move. Deep down I am thrilled to by moving and having a fresh place of our own to do as we will with no family ghosts to bother us.

Every day is a new piece of the puzzle being put together.


Must be done…yes!

How do you handle a move, balance things and yourself, without having an anxiety or panic attack?

It’s tough, yet doable.

Every day takes one step closer.



    • Isn’t it amazing how things just pile up? I know that my husband’s parents were not in the same predicament. For them it was more the competition with neighbors, siblings, in laws etc… I was never able to understand that. Competition is a waste of time and money. It still brought them no joy. I found it sad, and now they’ve both passed on, so what does having this frivolous knick knacks mean now? Nothing. I hope that your grandma enjoys her stuff.

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  1. If the two of you are keeping God first, above everyone and everything, including each other, forsaking all others to cling to the union God has given you… it is a very beautiful thing that God will honor. ❤ You two sound so lovely together! Praying for y'all! ❤

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