Changing Times

Well, the new year is off to a surprising start. Mother Nature is showing her spit and vinegar along the east coast of the United States. She’s meaning business too. What a beginning! There are quite a number of new people, places and things to be acquainted with this new year. Are you ready for the changing times?

It is no secret that today’s society has a lot to deal with. Houston, Texas; The Keys in Florida; Puerto Rico; The US Virgin Islands; The US Plains and many more states have endured too much during the last year. Many of these states are still in recovery from floods and hurricanes. My heart breaks for all those people who lost their homes, jobs and especially if they lost family members. It is a terrible thing to think about.

Let us not forget all the other events that took place in 2017, such as the Las Vegas shooting, and too many other shootings. There were also too many trucks or vans that have injured pedestrians. It does not even scratch the surface of all the things that happened last year.

How does one recover? Many people, even without a natural disaster, have a lot to contend with these days. Like:

  • Corporations lay off people
  • Unemployment
  • The government is in an uproar
  • People struggling living paycheck to paycheck
  • Unexpected sickness may have entered a family
  • Death of a loved one
  • Violence against others
  • Charlottesville
  • Peaceful protest versus non peaceful

I must admit that with everything that happened last year I find myself watching the news less often. There is nothing but bad news going on. How rare is it that a segment on good news comes across your television screen? As far as I can see it is very rare.

What control do we have in changing our circumstances? I ponder it many times, yet if I think on it too much, then frustration, anxiety and anger sets in. It is not easy, is it? I do not think so.

I have recently been conducting research on unemployment. How can we have any control of our lives if we are not able to earn a living for ourselves and our family? It is daunting. I have seen first hand how busy an unemployment office is these days. I am astounded at how many people are unemployed and it breaks my heart. The frustrating part is that I found out that because of the government many states do not provide unemployment extension benefits. I am baffled at the audacity of the government, who gets paid too much, would do this to their own constituents. It’s appalling and I wish I had the power to fix it, but unfortunately I do not.

I have learned about other avenues that people can try to earn an income. It can be tricky, meaning that it may not be consistent, but worth a consideration.

  • Start your own monetizing website
  • Freelance your skills
  • Sell things on selling sites like Etsy, Letgo or Ebay
  • Surveys
  • Photography apps that sell your photos
  • App testing
  • YouTube monetizing videos

I believe that with determination and hard work it can be achieved. It is no consolation when a family needs to take care of family and home, but what else is there? What opportunities are out there? How helpful are employment agencies? I admit that I have tried them in the past with zero success. Some people have tremendous help from them, so why not try. I may not have great experience with them, but there are so many of them that I did not count them out.

If you find yourself down and have no financial answers, give the online world a chance. It’s a wonderful community of people who help each other out. It is lovely to see people grow and prosper on their websites or YouTube channels.

I myself am exploring all avenues for financial supplementing. I have started freelancing recently. There are many openings so I decided that I have nothing to lose trying it. My YouTube channel is at its infancy so I’ll have to just keep adding my videos and hope.

Being here is a wonderful journal and journey brought to life. Expression and creation is a terrific thing to do online. It is therapeutic to me to be here and share my experiences and journey into health and wellbeing, and the tools I have and still use to assist me in my healing.

We all suffer something, and no one is exempt. I want to help others get the shortcut I did not get. We all have a story to tell and I hope that my story can help others know that they are not alone. That is important to me. I may not have gotten shortcuts, but I did receive help from fabulous people. Giving back is my way of a thank you, to them and to the Lord Jesus, for my fortune survival. I am grateful immensely.

So the decision is ours in this changing times.

How will you do it? Will you try your all?

I certainly hope so, for life is no dress rehearsal. It is a one shot deal.

I wish you all success, health and hope.

Helping you helps me too. Everyone wins and we all have a chance to pay it forward.

Be well my friends.


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