Empty Canvas

Whether something scary or exciting is heading your way a surge of adrenaline hits you like a ton of bricks. That is possibly your anxiety kicking in. Why, that fight or flight response blasts through your emotions because you’re at a peak of something in your life. Does this make your body warm up to the point of possible overheating? Do you feel your pulse racing, or your heart? I certainly hope you’re not feeling dizzy or lightheaded, because I have been there on that one. When emotions run high, like being excited about a new home, anything can happen. Take a breath and try to enjoy and embrace excitement instead of letting the anxious part of you take over. Home excitement is nothing to fear, or is it?

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am dealing with a hoarding issue and that brings more anxiety than actually moving. Does that make sense? It doesn’t to me, but I am trying to not let it affect me.

Time has brought myself and my husband to a point of moving from a house to a townhouse. It is smaller, but not by much as far as I am concerned. It is a beautiful place with spacious rooms, hardwood floors and high ceilings. There is even a mini deck where we or I can sit with my coffee and take a breath, maybe even have some quiet meditation. It is a big step that we have to take and the time has come to take action on packing, calling on some male muscle friends for the furniture and getting that U-Haul truck. Luckily we are only taking essentials, but we both have different definitions of the word.

What do you consider essentials? In my mind essentials means the necessary items for survival. I am what my mom calls a simpleton. I have necessary items as my material possessions. I do most of everything on my phone, so I do not use a desktop computer often. It’s great but I love portability. I do have an ebook mini laptop that I use whenever I need a bigger screen to work on when I’m on the road, so that is great. Musically I have my CD’s and DVD’s. It is a small collection of music, movies and television. Electronics for both myself and my husband is pretty extensive. He alone has a home theatre system that must be bubble packed with care, and I will have him take care of packing that.

Not only do we need to pack, but what about all the stuff needed for our new place? That must be documented in my little planner book. Oh where to start? I have my list, just to begin with. I know that we have a lot to do to shape up our new place. That part of the moving process excites me very much. All the little nick nacks needed will have our imprint, our mark on our home. I plan on working on it slowly and carefully, starting with the bottom and going upward. That means we start with carpeting.

The home has no carpets at all, it is all hardwood flooring. I do love it, but some carpeting needs to be put down. So…I started with the measurements of the rooms that will have area rugs. We decided on no wall to wall carpeting. I love area rugs for many reasons, especially for cleaning purposes. We discussed the overall coloring of the home and decided on a coffee colored scheme. The painted walls are already a light taupe/coffee color, so that is wonderful. Our curtains are in the earthy coffee colors, so now it’s time to pick area rugs.

After quite a bit of searching with regards to size and the right kind of coffee brown, we decided on the Ottomanson Ottohome Collection. I fell in love with this rung first and was lucky that my husband agreed with me. Small miracles right? This rug will fit perfectly in our living room, bedroom and possibly dining room. I am not one hundred percent sure on the dining room, but I am on the other rooms. Our furniture is natural wood coloring so this rug will match perfectly. I can see it already.

Of course before putting our rugs on, we must clean the hardwood floors as thoroughly as possible. A friend recommended Bono and we love it. After my day of cleaning the whole home with it I was pleasantly surprised as the natural shine that I got from it. It was the first time I used Bono and I am impressed. Having the kit made the process easier for me ( I am a kit kind of person). Now my floors are ready for their rugs.

I almost forgot about the gripping underneath the rugs, so I had to grab some of those. It is amazing how every little thing counts when putting a new home together. So far I have not experienced any panic attacks, and I hope that I will not. I must say that my anxiety levels are going up and down with this process, yet a part of me is enjoying the creation of our new home, with no one’s stamp on it but ours. That in of itself is quite exciting for me. My husband is quiet about this move, yet thankfully accommodating. I do know that once more things are sorted that he will be as excited as I am.

There is so much to do when you must take an empty canvas as our new townhome and put a face on it. I am learning a lot about the home, its needs and how to keep myself balanced so I do not have any anxiety attacks about it. I am glad to know that the landlord is a lovely woman and I hope that we can all have a great relationship. I have not had a landlord in many years, so I am rusty on that one.

Well, slowly my empty canvas is starting to have a splash of something.
What do think of my choices?
I would love some objective criticism. It helps me learn and be calm during this process.

Well, off to do more…Please stayed tuned for more.

Cheers 🙂



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