Mr. Molesley

As I understand, that rate of unemployment has dropped. I find that very encouraging…to a point. Everyone should have the opportunity for a job and/or a career. I can say that I do not fully understand the statistics and numbers regarding the unemployment rate and how many people it represents, yet I am curious and I’m trying to educate myself on it. If you happen to have been layed off from your job, through no fault of your own, frustration and despair at the search for work can be overwhelming. I understand that all too well. It is difficult to hear the words “be patient and something will happen.” “Don’t give up, you’ll hit your jackpot.” Words like that, although well intentioned, did not help in the emotional loss of losing that paycheck, benefits and co-worker banter. To settle down nerves find something else to do, and take a break. Emotions of frustration, anxiety, panic etc…do not help a person’s cause. So, for me, I take a break and watch some Downton Abbey. A little period drama helps me see different points of view and I get to watch an inspirational character, Mr. Molesley. The character evolvement of him somehow gives me hope, and I hope it can for you too.

Remember when he came upon on season one, episode two? I do. The butler/valet to Matthew Crawley. In the turn of the century in England the aristocratic families had butlers and valets. Mr. Molesley was a combination of both. It may seem silly to watch a show where one of the occupations is helping your employer dress and undress, but that how life was back then, in England, the United States and possibly other countries as well. Molesley had his life and career set and was content, even though he secretly hoped to work at the big house, Downton Abby.

That secret hope came true in season three when he moved into the big house to take care of Matthew. In that time the location and family who’s being served was vital for status a social reasons, and Molesley was ecstatic to be in the big house. Being a valet to a future Earl was a grand occupation, with a true possibility of one day being the butler. Those were fine positions, being in service, with the opportunity to rise in the ranks.

Unfortunately for Mr. Molesley, it all came to a screeching halt when Matthew Crawley was killed in a car crash. Everyone was devastated by his passing, but Mr. Molesley lost his employment as well. So what did he do? He looked for whatever work he could find, and had to move back to his father’s house. It was not what he envisioned for his future. He was unemployed and lost. Job opportunities in the early 1920’s England was not broad, especially if education halted after grammar school and life was predominantly farming. What possible jobs besides service was out there for him. He found odd jobs paving the streets and being a delivery person for a store. Although both are honorable and an honest day’s pay, it didn’t satisfy him. Mr. Molesley knew he was meant for more, but was temporarily unlucky. Many of us can relate, don’t you think?

Mr. Molesley, valet and butler to Mrs. Isobel Crawley, fell on bad times of unemployment and financial debt. Honestly I felt for his character. It was a twist of life for him.

Due to the character of Alfred leaving, Mr. Molesley was able to come back to Downton Abbey, but in a lower station of footman as opposed to a valet or butler. He was disappointed and sad about his career fall, but resolved to find a way to use his skills, even in an inferior position. He did just that, made the most of it. He should great spirit and generosity towards Daisy when she was studying for school exams. He helped Ms. Baxter by reminding her that she has strength to not be bullied by Thomas and walk a correct path.

Season five and six showed Mr. Molesley in a new light. Although he was a footman instead of a valet, the fact that he read books and taught himself about English literature and history, he was able to be a guide to Daisy and help build her confidence to succeed. Much to his surprise, Mr. Molesley himself was able to be tested along with Daisy. The results were a beautiful surprise that brought him to a path of becoming a teacher of English literature in the village school. All his years of reading history, literature, art, and others brought him to a new level. In helping Daisy he was able to elevate himself.

In the end of season six Mr. Molesley became the school teacher he had long ago dreamed of but never thought would happen. He still respected the work of service, but was in his element being a teacher.

It is a happy story of a man, fictional character or not, that teaches us all a lesson. It certainly did for me. Remember the phrase “What goes up, goes down and can go back up again.” That’s Mr. Molesley, and it can be you or me.

We have all had seasons in our life when things were high, and suddenly it all fell apart. It is so devastating, yet we cannot give up trying. Your best days are ahead of you. Maybe not a teacher, but maybe yes a teacher. We can all have a negative and ugly attitude, or we can get out of bed and give life a go again. I do understand that it is so difficult, especially in today’s society. It’s no longer 1920’s England, Downton Abbey.

I do admit that when I feel down and hopeless that I do put in the show and do a mini bing watch. Somehow watching these characters gives me ideas and inspiration to try something new and to not be afraid. Being frightened is too easy and so debilitating at the same time. After being on top it’s difficult to start at the bottom again, but it’s ok. Many people do it and they inspire me, just like the character of Mr. Molesley.

I may not have been happy in the end portion of my last job, but I do have happy memories from the beginning years. I plan to take those memories with me to my next adventure. We all walk up and down the ladder of life, trying our best to find our place. Never stop searching and being your best. I promise to try every day.

As I go through this process of reinvention and starting over, I tend to meditate and pray.

I found this on YouTube and it’s a beautiful piece of music to listen to while I meditate and pray in a positive way. I know it’s a long piece of music, but I hope you can check it out, just for a bit so you see where I am coming from.

Peace, compassion, kindness, generosity and gratitude are wonderful ways to meditate and tell your heart and soul that you will reach the top of the mountain again.

It can happen. Believe. Keep saying it until your confidence tells you “yes I know.”

Enjoy some music as I did and do.

I’ll be a Mr. Molesley. Can you be one too?

I hope so. May your life’s dreams come true.



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