Midnight Frenzy Extravaganza

What makes you happy? What makes you smile? You can choose to frown or to not, it is all up to you. Life is what you make it. I believe that. Do you? It is too easy to be pessimistic and consistently complain about our lot in life, or be grateful for what and who we have. We give and receive, plus we gain or we lose. How we handle changes determines our true character and integrity. I opt to look at life through the eyes and beak of my baby cockatiel Cotton Ball. His rendition of a midnight frenzy extravaganza can wipe away any negativity you may feel, even for just a little while. Take a look and enjoy the laughter.

I enjoy video taping Cotton Ball so much. He is so entertaining that I get into a frenzy of joy. My only negative is that he is so small that hugging him would hurt him. I can get carried away when I hug someone I love. I also believe that hugging the people you love brings joy and happy hormones of serotonin. It does for me.

I can’t wait to see what Cotton Ball will be like once we move. It’ll be a new adjustment for him. His confidence in flying and walking have been so good, and I hope it continues. I know that we’ll take special precautions to make sure he’s safe in a new environment. Sadly he’ll probably be grounded a bit and in his cage a lot. Lately he’s had free reign of the house with short times in his cage. He loves to have me and his papa close to him. He even cries a bit if we leave the room, but my husband is training him to trust that we’d be right back. He’s been whining and crying less every day. It is so beautiful to see him change learn something every day.

Then he has his highest level of playtime. Sometimes it’s after midnight and he decides to start singing, pecking for attention and flap his wings. It is wonderful, especially when a bad day occurs.

Having a pet, no matter what kind, and having depression is as terrific a match as peanut butter and jelly. All these animals have to do is be themselves and they wipe away sadness and despair. I lose sight of whatever negativity is going on around me when Cotton Ball is near me. It is a strange dynamic, yet so deeply satisfying that I grin as I type.

Is that how you feel about your pet?

Your pet cannot disappointment you or hurt you in any way. They just want to hang out with you and make you smile. It is an easy love exchange. People are great, yet pets are superb!

When he started his hilarious frenzy I just felt compelled to videotape the moment. I hope it brings a smile on your face as it did for me.

Appreciate the magic of love of your pet. They are best friends that are the most loyal and loving. I cannot fathom a life without a pet. One day soon we hope to rescue two small dogs (I have allergies to large dogs and fully allergic to all cats).

If you experience trauma, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD or any other number of illnesses, please remember that your pet will never let you down. They will help you in ways that people can’t.

I love my Cotton Ball very much. He is a cutie pie. I am very grateful to have him in my life (not counting my husband lol).

Hug your pets if you can. Your worries will still be there, but the love and attention of your pet may surprise you regarding perspective and clarity.

Be well my friends and stay great!


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